Lina Romay Vs. Christina Lindberg! Sexploitation Catfight!

The “Queen Of Artsploitation!”


Yes, Christina Lindberg was, without a doubt, the queen of artploitation, that european arty film of the 70’s that had serious plots about social issues – presented with lots and lots of sex and nudity!

Click on the story below to see her full filmography!


The Queen Of Sexploitation Horror!

lina-romay sexploitation queen

And without a doubt, Lina Romay was the queen of sexploitation horror, bloody european films full of sex and nudity as well…but who was better?

lina romay naked

Click on this link to see Lina’s masterpieces of sexploitation!

Here’s your chance to check out some of their best work and decide for yourself – I call it a well-deserved TIE!

Let me know what you think!

lorna the exorcist

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