Mandingo! Most Offensive Film Ever? “Django” Please!

Could this be the most offensive image ever released to promote a movie?

mandingo_most offensive film ever

Yes, this is a shot of a woman “checking out” her slave…and this isn’t some low-budget exploitation quickie – this is “Mandingo!”

mandingo movie

That’s Right, “Mandingo!”

Yes, we all know the 70’s were a wild time for cinema, but how could a major motion picture studio make a film about slavery that was as offensive as this? Which is, of course, why it is now a cult classic!

Read all about the craziness that is “Mandingo”, and how “Django Unchained” is, in some ways, an homage to that movie, by clicking below!

And I’ll show you OJ Simpson’s movie debut as well, in the equally offensive “The Klansman!”


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