The Three WORST Movies To Show Your Family!

Calm Down, Little Buddy!

world's wildest cinema

Clearly, our friend here is a bit upset today. It may have been because someone decided to have a family gathering and show THIS MOVIE!

the-sinful-dwarf world's wildest sexploitation

“The Sinful Dwarf” is, without a doubt, one of the most inappropriate movies to ever show your family…now, as for your friends, it is MAGICAL.

So is this gem:


Is it fair to put a classy production like “The Devils” in the same category as euro-sleaze like “The Sinful Dwarf”? Sure! Trust me, this isn’t a family crowd pleaser, either!

Find out why by clicking on the link below!

Oh, and I’ll share the other film to keep away from the family: “CALIGULA!”

caligula xxx

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