Butt Swords! Classic Japanese Exploitation! Best Bloody Horror!

Get Ready To Be Drenched – In Blood!


If you haven’t experienced the latest in “J-sploitation”, you are missing out on one of the craziest new categories of exploitation!

And It Includes A Butt Sword!


Yes, these movies have SO MUCH CRAZINESS – including butt swords – that you must see them to believe them. And they are also GREAT films, like this horror film from Hong Kong!

Dream Home horror film

“Dream Home” is a classic horror film – with an asian twist – and you need to check it out soon! And don’t even get me started on this classic: “Helldriver” rules!


I will take you inside the world of japanese exploitation – with classics like those already mentioned, plus the classics like “Tokyo Gore Police”, “The Machine Girl” and more! Just click on my story here:


Once you start watching these wild wild wild movies, you will never stop! Let me know what you think!


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