Orgies! Sex Down Under! Dirty Jokes! Turn A Camera On THAT!

Hey! Time To Have An Orgy!


Well, I thought that would get your attention! I mean, who hasn’t wanted to attend an orgy, especially if it’s held at the legendary orgy palace Plato’s Retreat?

Guess what? This documentary does just that!

american-swing orgy documentary

Getting Down Down Under!

I’ve got three of the best sexploitation documentaries ever released: “American Swing” takes an inside look at New York’s sin-tacular orgy hotspot Plato’s Retreat, and “The ABC’s Of Love & Sex” shows you how they get down down under!

australian sex movie

Yep, it’s a film that show you Australian sex acts in 26 different ways! Talk about your educational film! It’s all part of my look at outrageous documentaries…read all about them by clicking below:

And yes, I also discuss the dirtiest film of all time – the story of the dirtiest joke ever told!

the-aristocrats world's dirtiest movie

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