Oscar Gets Down And Dirty! X-Rated Academy Awards!

Oscar Gets X-Rated!

x-rated academy awards

Yep, that’s an Oscar winner wrapped up with Maria Schneider…Oscar winning Best Actor Marlon Brando shocked the Academy when he went full on nude in “Last Tango In Paris”…but it didn’t matter – Oscar gave him another nomination!

The Academy’s X-Rated Flirtation!

Yes, there was a time when Oscar got very randy, indeed!


Speaking Of Oscar’s Backside…

And guess who’s naked butts are getting oscar nominated below?

naked jon voight oscars

Yep, that’s Jon Voight – who is currently doing an amazing job in “Ray Donovan” – showing off his all, along with veteran actress Sylvia Miles – who not only received Academy Award nominations for their work, but the movie, the classic “Midnight Cowboy” won Best Picture as well!


Oscar Goes X!

It’s easy to forget now, but there was a Best Picture Oscar that went to an “X” rated film! And don’t forget that these “droogs” were ALSO Oscar nominees – nominated for Best Picture of the year in 1971…talk about a progressive time for film!

x-rated oscars

Read all about Oscar’s “X-rated” flirtation – and how it all fell apart – by clicking on the story below!


It was a wild time in Academy’s history, so let me know what you think!


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