Dwarves! Centipedes! BEATLES! Most Misguided Films EVER!

Could This Be The Most Misguided Film Of All Time?

world's worst movies

Imagine a movie where a cabaret-singing Mom runs a boarding house – a house where her dwarf son imprisons the female guests who check in….


worst dwarf film

If you think this is offensive, have I got nine other movies for you! I’ve got the ten “most misguided” films of all time…like Mae West as an 80-year old sex queen:


Or, how about a movie where people are sewed together, mouth to ass! Yes, “The Human Centipede” was a VERY misguided idea…


Worse Than Yoko!

And if you think The Beatles are great…listen again! What could have ever been more misguided than having The Bee Gees and Peter Frampton playing “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band!”

worst film the beatles

To see all ten misguided classics, including films with Johnny Depp and Jerry Lewis playing a Nazi camp clown, click here!


And yes, I’ve included the legendarily bad film with The Village People and Bruce Jenner too!


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