The TWO Greatest Horror Films Of All Time! One Amazing Documentary!

Is This The Greatest Horror Film Ever Made?

scariest  movies ever made

You know the image: two young twin girls were first seen standing in an isolated hotel up in the mountains…but Danny sees them lying there dead…and you get them both ways in the incredible horror film “The Shining.”

Or Is THIS #1?

the exorcist

Without a doubt, Linda Blair’s head-spinning tour de force in “The Exorcist” is one of the scariest things ever put on film…and this is, to me, the single most shocking moment in film:


And that, to me, is why “The Exorcist” is the single greatest horror film ever made. It is brilliant acted, with a great set-up that builds suspense and tension – and then the last hour hits you with shock after shock after shock!

most shocking film ever made

Thanks to blu-ray, you can find out more about the film than ever, AND see it in gorgeous HD…now, how about the second best horror film ever?


“Here’s Johnny!”

“The Shining” is also a tour de force – so much so that there is a documentary that looks at some of the craziest conspiracy theories about it!

Click on the link for a look at both movies AND the incredible documentary, “Room 237!”

Let me know if you agree!


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