“Unsatisfied”! “Wanton!” Lina Romay! Exploitation In Heat!

lesbian sex scenes

What makes a woman “WANTON?”

If you are a vintage exploitation movie fan, you know the answer…



Another easy question for grindhouse fans, as there was a time in the late 60’s when movies not only explained what a “wanton woman” was, but also offered up an educational look at “forbidden flesh” – and by the 70’s offered up everything!


First, let’s show you the definition of “wanton women”:

Wanton Women

Wanton (especially of a woman) – sexually immodest or promiscuous: her cheeks burned as she recalled how forward she had been, how wanton – a sexually immodest or promiscuous woman.

Stag magazine

To behave in a sexually immodest or promiscuous way: women who have wantoned with suitors –


That’s right: They “Wantoned With Suitors!”

OK, time to go back to the wild and crazy days of the 60’s, when the sexual revolution helped usher in a whole new era of movie. In the late 60’s and early 70’s, shrewd theater owners saw that low-rent, sleazy melodramas that focused on WANTON WOMEN did very well with single guys…what a surprise!

vintage 42nd street

It was an era of grindhouse theaters like these – on 42nd street in Times Square – “grindhouse” meant they churned out movie after movie without stopping – and these were films that showed how “wanton” women could be –

wild naked women

It was all a male fantasy of course, but it worked, proving once again how stupid guys have always been – let’s look at the era in movies that made lots of money off of them!

The Dirty Girls! They Were Made For Love!

the dirty girls sexploitation

Any problem understanding what this film is all about? Of course not! The poster says it all – women who were ready to share their love with you – when this film was released, there were new “social freedoms” that were taking place across the country – the “sexual revolution” in all its forms made for good copy and great box office! It was a simple, exploitative, and pandering marketing pitch that paid off, as you will see…

Forbidden Flesh! Love-Stared And Eager To Learn!

classic sexploitation movies 
forbidden flesh

These posters all shared the same theme:

“Daring, revealing exposes of life in the big city!”

That meant movies that depicted women who were “morally flexible” – for a repressed young male, it was a dream come true – but in fact, these posters promised much more than the films would ever deliver in the 60’s…

The Unsatisfied! “Violence – Liquor – Sex. NEVER ENOUGH!

the unsatisfied sexploitation movie

Stop for a moment to savor the simplicity of this movie tagline:

“Violence – Liquor – Sex. NEVER ENOUGH!”

Thanks to Something Weird Video for the description of the film – it was every young man’s fantasy – oh, and it still is! The grindhouse experts at Something Weird have spent years uncovering these classic sexploitation films, making them available to exploitation fans everywhere!

SW calls it a “slick, well-made, nasty little movie, ‘The Unsatisfied’ gives off a very different vibe and boasts a very different flavor than the typical U.S. teens-in-trouble film. When LEE HESSEL’s Cambist Films released a U.S. version of it in 1964, additional shot-in-New York skin scenes were cleverly added”.

That’s right, they took foreign films, re-titled them, added some additional skin shots and sold them to an unsuspecting public -I mean, it seems that guys are not that hard to figure out!’

The Unsatisfied

“I’ll kill you for that, you witch!”

Here’s the story of how these movies came to be: the added filmed inserts would add extra nudity or sexual situations to the movie for the purpose of selling it to a grindhouse audience – including a surreal moment just five minutes into this film in which two topless gals in a dressing room exchange words (“I’ll kill you for that, you witch!”), then suddenly fight to the death with a pair of scissors as a third gal blandly looks on:

“C’mon, break it up, the phone’s ringing!”

As quickly as the fight started, it abruptly stops, and the third gal happily shows off the (then-new) topless bathing suit she’s wearing! Wow.

Check out all of the crazy grindhouse stuff Something Weird has for sale and download – and thanks to that team for keeping this crazy sexploitation stuff alive:


somethingweird sexploitation

Introducing Lina Romay!

By the 70’s, films had to be even more daring and provocative to keep an audience “engaged”…so once again, leave it up to the europeans to come to the rescue!

Lorna The Exorcist.

This 1974 film by legendary sexploitation film maker Jess Franco has a simple logline: A man is tormented by an ex-lover, Lorna, who is some kind of witch. She has a strange power over a number of women in the film, including the man’s daughter, Linda.

naked lina romay

Look up Jess Franco to see his incredible body of work, softcore sexploitation films with an exotic, european sensibility.


And remember, in the early 70’s, just the fact that a film was from France, where morals were looser, was cause for celebration. what people didn’t expect was such a strange mind blower like this!

Lina Romay stars in the film as the daughter who is tormented by Lorna…Lina not only goes crazy, but is naked much of the time in the film – oh, and she was also Director Franco’s wife!

bloody lina romay

Credit to the great movie company Mondo Macabre for their outstanding restoration job on this film, including featurettes.


I’ve written about Lina elsewhere on this site, so you can search her name to see many of the other stories!

By the time Jess Franco arrived, sexploitation films went from discreet black-n-white to full blown, bloody color!

Here are a couple of other stories about the sexploitation craze:


Cue Russ Meyer!

Of course, many consider him the master – check out the story here:


Sex Kitten Christina Lindberg

The Queen Of “Artsploitation!”

And of course, click here to read about the amazing career of Christina Lindberg, the queen of “Artsploitation”…


Don’t knock this era of film making until you watch a few – it is a fascinating part of our movie history!


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