Singing Zombies! A Japanese Horror Musical Masterpiece! World’s Wildest Cinema!

japanese zombie musical

Did you ever just want to sit down and watch the world’s CRAZIEST CINEMA? Well, I am here to help!

Meet Director Takashi Miike!

No, that’s not him having his tongue pulled – and he’s not the one pulling it either – but he is one of Japan’s most prolific and inventive Directors alive!


Meet “Ichi The Killer!”

I have written about Takashi Miike’s films before…including his most controversial work ever: “Ichi The Killer”.

You can read all about it by clicking HERE:



Miike’s shocking horror film “Audition” was recently included on a list of the 100 best horror films – it’s an unsettling shocker about a man posing as a Film Director in order to meet women – and, of course, he meets the WRONG ONE…

auditiion horror film

I also posted a story about one of the great action films – Miike’s “13 Assassins”! This is in the mold of “Seven Samurai”, as thirteen assassins put everything on the line to save a town…

13 Assassins asian action film

To read more about this classic action film, click HERE:

Now, Time To Get HAPPY – Zombie Style!

The Happiness Of The Katakuris


With dozens of films to his credit, Takashi Miike tries all sorts of genres: I’ve told you about revenge thrillers, samurai classics AND horror films – and there are many many more – but how about this genre: the zombie musical!

The Happiness of the Katakuris

Here is the wacky, WACKY trailer:

japanese zombie musical

A father, his loving and loyal wife, along with a slow-to-persuade son and a divorced daughter with toddler in hand open a bed and breakfast. They make the place everything anyone could want, as they have so much time to work on it, since no one is making reservations to stay there. So they pose like “The Sound Of Music!”


Eventually, customers come…but each one dies while in their room and the family is trying to get rid of the evidence in order to keep the business going! Naturally, their dead guests come back as Zombies – and they aren’t happy about it!

zombie musical japanese

Here’s what COMPLEX magazine said about the film:

“Best described as a “horror musical,” “The Happiness Of The Katakuris” is cinema at its most batshit, as well as its most inventive. The plot moves through grandiose song-and-dance numbers, stop-motion animation, and perverse Claymation, all of which allows Miike to indulge in a playfulness and upbeat spirit not seen in the majority of his bleak pics.”

japanese zombie musical

Folks, THIS is what cinema is all about: discovering a visionary Director who isn’t afraid to try anything AND EVERYTHING! So put down those superhero movies and tired romantic comedies and try something different – a zombie musical!


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