Country Lovin’! Hillbilly Exploitation! Pigskeeper’s Daughters!


Talk about a “come on”…the poster for the film “Forbidden Flesh” isn’t exactly subtle…and check out the line at the bottom of the poster:


That’s right, it’s time for some more classic sexploitation films to share with you…this time, highlight “hillbilly exploitation” – that is, if you have:


I’ve posted about this genre of film many times before, but it continues to fascinate me…I mean, COME ON, you might as well have sold tickets in every high school boy’s locker room!!


How can you argue with “violence, liquor and sex?” Sexploitation films were, and in some cases still are, independently produced, low-budget films generally associated with the 1960s, and are, as explained by wikipedia – “serving largely as a vehicle for the exhibition of non-explicit sexual situations and gratuitous nudity.”

Enter The 42nd Street Grindhouse!

These movies were usually shown in urban grindhouse theatres, seedy dumps that showed movies all day and night, “grinding them out” to an audience seeking cheap thrills. They were also a staple of drive-ins, where carloads of boys could see things their parents never wanted them to see…such as:


Child Brides In The Ozarks!

OK then, this is one crazy genre of film! Don’t worry, the “child brides” are clearly of legal age – but int he days of early exploitation, this was racy stuff!

“See How They Live! See How They Love!”

Well, I just might take you up on that! How can you misunderstand the intent of this movie? I mean, “Shotgun Wedding” is the title after all!

And it’s in “Flaming Hillbilly Color!”

“Flaming Hillbilly Color!” What’s NOT to love? In an era of “Hillbilly Handfishing” and “Honey Boo Boo’s family situation, there seems to be a Hillbilly revival!

“Uneasy Summer”…will be remembered next Summer!!

I love this tagline: “The NOW picture for TODAY’S generation!” Whatever it took to promise more than was EVER delivered…and no topic was off limits:

“He Passed For White – And They Loved It!”

Not even sure what taboo topic they are addressing, but I better show up on time to find out….note the special warning that no one – BUT NO ONE – can be admitted after the picture starts!

“Fly Me” Indeed!

And check out this effort – an expose of the swinging life of a Stewardess!

“This Airline Serves Three Wild Dishes!”

This movie arrived later in the sexploitation cycle, because they needed to tease “see Stewardess battle Kung Fu killers!” It’s funny that they folded in some “chop-socky exploitation” to draw in the gullible. In the early days, the message was simple and DIRECT: if you grew up too fast, got in with the wrong crowd, there was only one result for you:

“Living Fast, Dying Young!”

As you can see, it’s all about taking a “much-too-dangerous” walk on the wild side, with the ultimate consequence!

So check out some of my other posts about this genre, when films like “Mantis In Lace” and “The Cheerleaders” entertained audiences in every sleazy theater in America – yes, get ready to get “loved to death!”

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