Sexploitation’s Wildest Director And His ALWAYS NAKED Wife!

naked lina romay

Excuse me: why is a naked woman trying to kill me with a bow and arrow?

wildest exploitation classics

Now that I have your attention: let’s look at the little-known, prolific Director Jess Franco – one of the craziest exploitation Directors EVER – and his equally “anything goes” wife!!

lina roomay

Yes, she is a bit scared too…as this is Lina Romay – the Director’s WIFE! Yes, you are about to enter the naked world of an offbeat Auteur! Meet Jess Franco!

jess franco

“Jess” Franco is a Spanish film director, writer, cinematographer and actor. His career took off in 1961 with his cult classic “The Awful Dr. Orloff,” which received wide distribution in the United States and England.

jess franco dead

The late Franco is believed to have directed more than 200 films of the “cinema fantastique” genre and worked with Orson Welles on his never completed “Don Quixote” feature.

His films were among the earliest “sexploitation” movies to be seen in the US, helping to break down the doors of censorship, leading to a new era of permissiveness in film…

naked women in prison

Franco spent his career churning out dozens of these “sexploitation” films…most starring his wife – one of the most daring performers in the history of exploitation cinema!

Actress Lina Romay

Time To Celebrate Lina Romay!

Yes, Franco’s wife Lina Romay was also his creative partner, and they made many classic exploitation films together! Here are two great examples!

Countess Perverse naked

Hunting Humans Was Her Favorite Game!

What a great tagline for a movie! And believe me, the film lives up to it…

classic sexploitation

Countess Perverse!

Here’s the plot in a nutshell: Two wealthy aristocrats lure a virginal girl to a Spanish island for a night of sex, death and cannibalism.

But there is SO much more! Here is how The AV Club described the movie:

“When a young couple in a classy seaside village finds a nude woman washed up on the beach, they aren’t particularly surprised by the story she tells them, about a house of horrors and a “man with black glasses” who’s trying to kill her.”


As you can tell, this isn’t going to end well for the couple. But that’s what makes it so perversely fun – as you are about to see!

countess perverse

These aristocrats have a fun hobby: They strip their guests and send them out on the grounds to be hunted, “Most Dangerous Game”-style. If the guests survive long enough, the count sets them free.

countess perverse

Otherwise, the countess—who is also naked, save for a quiver of arrows—shoots them dead, then roasts them and serves them for dinner! Yes, you read that right!

The Most Dangerous Game – Naked!

countess perverse nudity

I mean, that’s what is going on here: hunting humans for sport – and in this case, everyone is naked!

Lina Romay naked movies

But don’t look so shocked Lina – much of the nudity is from you! Yes, Lina loved to be naked – it is a trend in ALL of Franco’s films: an obsessive interest in showing off his wife’s body…


And the best part of “Countess Perverse” is the twisted ending – just before the closing credits roll, the count looks down at the corpse of his magnificent bride and boasts:

“You will be the best meal of my life!”

nude lina romay

How do you top madness like this? Well, for Franco and Lina, that was easy!

Lorna The Exorcist.

This 1974 film by Franco has a simple lplot: A man is tormented by an ex-lover, Lorna, who is some kind of witch. She has a strange power over a number of women in the film, including the man’s daughter, Linda.

bloody lina romay

Remember, in the early 70’s, just the fact that a film was from France, where morals were looser, was cause for celebration. What people didn’t expect was such a strange mind blower like Franco!

And let’s be honest, Mondo Macabro’s extended teaser will blow your mind right now!


“Lorna The Exorcist” is one of the most unique european horror films ever – it’s a blend of arty b-roll shots (a bit of a Franco trademark), mixed with wild, shocking moments of sex, violence and nudity – lots and lots of nudity…

classic x-rated movies

There are many other examples of Lina Romay’s artistry – she was unafraid to really let it all out – I will post more of those stories as well….check out the bizarre, perverse and fascinating work of this legendary sexploitation duo!

beautiful Lina Romay

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