Lina Romay’s Most Notorious Movie! “Hot Nights” Indeed!

Time To Celebrate Lina Romay Again!

Lina Romay sexploitation

The late Lina Romay was one of exploitation’s biggest stars. She began appearing in Director Jess Franco’s films from the time they met in 1971. They eventually married and she made more than a hundred films, most of them directed by Franco.


The majority of their films together were in the sexploitation category, as well as horror, comedy and action/adventure as well.

Macumba Sexual

Among the most famous of her cult horror movies are “Female Vampire” and “Barbed Wire Dolls.” With more than a hundred films, it can be difficult to find the best ones, but I am here to help!

Lina Romay softcore films

Kudos To Severin Films!

Because of the dedicated effort of a few great home video companies, some of Romay’s best movies are now available – including this notorious, controversial classic!

the hot nights of Linda

The Hot Nights Of Linda!

Jess Franco’s legendary sexploitation classic is finally unearthed, thanks to Severin Films! The Director’s wife, Lina Romay, stars in one of her larger roles for him – and among the most notorious! And the blu-ray release is full of great additional material!

Lina Romay sex films

Here is the plot: A young woman is hired to care for an elderly man who lives on an island off the Greek coast. When she arrives there the man warns her that his daughters are evil and dangerous. The woman discovers that one of the daughters is a crazed nymphomaniac who pursues, and seduces, everyone in the house, including her crippled sister.


A Barcelona Bordello Discovery!

According to Severin, the film is restored from a 35mm print discovered in a Barcelona bordello! I don’t care how they found it, I’m just glad they did, as it is loaded with Bonus Features and presented in high definition for the first time ever in America!

Nude Lina Romay

Blu-Ray Bonuses!

Look at all of the bonus material included in this release:

Hot Nights – an exclusive Interview with director Jess Franco;
Jess and Lina talk LINDA – Exclusive Interview with Director Jess Franco and Star Lina Romay; Fantasticfest Lifetime Achievement Award Presentation to Jess Franco;
Out-takes from the film and of course, the Trailer for the movie…


the hot nights of Linda

The Notorious “French” Version!

The blu-ray is a three disc effort – the film on blu-ray, on DVD, and a third disc, with the notorious “alternate banana” version of the film – the french cut, which is completely uncensored!

Lina Romay banana

Again, kudos to Severin Films – what a great job! I recently posted about another classic sexploitation film they released in an elaborate package as well – “House On Straw Hill”:


Check out “House On Straw Hill” by clicking on the link here:

And check out everything Severin has to offer by going to their website:

And, here is some additional information about legendary Sexploitation filmmaker Jess Franco:


Franco’s themes often revolved around lesbian vampires, women in prison, surgical horror, sadomasochism, zombies and sexploitation – and were drenched in blood…

x-rated movies

Franco’s films were notorious at the time – and in many cases they were censored or banned – and of course, many starred his wife, Lina Romay.


He managed to write and direct around 160 motion pictures in his lifetime, encompassing a wide swath of different genres, with practically no financial backing available.

Sex star Lina_Romay

Franco and Romay worked together for decades – it is a fascinating story, and includes movies that are notorious, controversial, and wacky beyond belief!


Here is a look at two of their best efforts!

The “Naked” Prey!


“Countess Perverse” and “Lorna The Exorcist” are wacky, bizarre films that must be seen to be believed! “Countess” is basically a “extremely naked” version of “The Naked Prey”, while “Lorna” is a classic european shocker that is only a little bit about Exorcists, but includes one of the greatest closing scenes of all time!

Lorna The Exorcist

To read about these two classic Lina Romay films, just click on my story here!

You will never look at cinema the same way again!


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