Great Obscure 70’s Sexploitation! Some Sex From Vinegar!

“…More Sexually Disturbed Than ‘SYBIL’! More Faces Than ‘The 3 Faces Of Eve!'”

Now how can you argue with a film that describes itself like THAT?

classic sexploitation

A Saint, A Woman, A Devil!

OK, there are ALMOST no words to describe this ultra-obscure’70’s sexploitation classic! First, check out this vintage trailer!

classic sexploitaiton movies

There is nothing more satisfying that uncovering a slice of cinema that is SO OBSCURE AND YET SO TWISTED – that you cannot believe it took until now to unearth! It’s enough to drive you mad – or at least bring a twisted smile to your face!

cult nudity

Thanks to the twisted minds at Vinegar Syndrome, “A Saint, A Woman, A Devil” is now available to experience at home! Vinegar Syndrome has saved a number of obscure cult films for offbeat movie fans, and this is no exception. He is how they describe their new release:

One of the oddest mixes of drive-in craziness and steamy action, “RAGING BULL” co-writer Peter Savage’s sleazy adaptation of “THE THREE FACES OF EVE” finally comes to home video fully uncut with all the mind-boggling plot twists and sex-filled fun fully intact!

A Saint A Woman A Devil movie

Young Sylvia is a good, pure Christian, but her friends and family are noticing strange things happening to her. Sylvia is experiencing sudden transformations from a church going innocent into a sex-obsessed vixen, violently seducing every man (and woman) in sight!

classic cult sex

Shocked by these episodes, her beautiful sister seeks help from a psychiatrist (played by director Peter Savage) and the two of them begin to explore the dark secrets in Sylvia’s past that have lead to her unnatural sexual awakening.

classic sexploitation

Better known under its re-issue title of SYLVIA, Vinegar Syndrome brings this sexy cult film to DVD in its original cut and under its original title, A SAINT, A WOMAN, A DEVIL! And that’s enough to bring a smile to your face!

cult nudity

And thanks to Vinegar Syndrome, there are many more classic sexploitation films to check out!

Massage Parlor Hookers

Yes, there are classic grindhouse films like “Massage Parlor Hookers” AKA “Massage Parlor Murders” now out on blu-ray thanks to Vinegar!

Massage Parlor Murders

Read all about this classic slice of exploitation by clicking here:

And don’t forget, Vinegar Syndrome also rescued this obscurity from oblivion!


You need to check out this classic film – click on my link to read all about it!

telephone book blu-ray

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  1. Is this a new ‘sploitation’ blog, John? I have signed up to follow!

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    • Pete, this is a blog I started a few years back as an offshoot – a holding place for just these posts…didn’t seem worth the effort so I stopped posting here, but it keeps getting 25-50 views a day…this post popped big so I shared again…thanks for your support I think i will start using it more!



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