“Prime Cut”! Classic Grindhouse! Lee Marvin Kicks Gene Hackman’s Ass!

“Gene Hackman Attacks Lee Marvin With A Wheat Harvester Over A Very Naked Sissy Spacek!”

obscure 70's movies

Talk about a film that sell itself! What you just read is the plot for “Prime Cut”, one of the most obscure and fascinating grindhouse classics of the early 70’s! And while Spacek was clothed in this chase sequence, she also spent alot of time like this!

nudity in film


Time to share this nasty little action picture – with two of the biggest stars of their day – and Sissy Spacek’s acting debut!

Prime Cut!

Lee Marvin was one of film’s all-time tough guys, and no more so than in this gritty thriller, where he saves a naked Sissy Spacek from the mob…here’s a teaser:

best 70's action films

Lee Marvin plays his toughest role ever, as an “Enforcer” for the Mob, who heads to Kansas City to get the money that Gene Hackman owes the Mob..

Oh yeah, Hackman’s not really interested in paying back what he owes…and from then on out, the fight is on!


Hackman plays a cattle rancher who not only grinds his enemies into sausage, but sells women as sex slaves, and yes, he keeps them penned up…like I said, this is a dirty little grindhouse film!

Sissy Spacek movie nudity

The movie was considered highly risqué for its time based on its level of violence, as well as its graphic depiction of female slavery, including a scene depicting the auctioning of young women in the manner of beef cattle.

cult 70's movies

Gene Hackman digs into his role as the bad guy, just one year after winning the Academy Award for Best Actor for “The French Connection!”


The King Of Cool!

There’s no doubt that Lee Marvin was the “King Of Cool.” He also won Best Actor a few years earlier, for his comedic work in “Cat Ballou!”


Marvin was also the star of the seminal 60’s action thriller “Point Blank”, and it’s Marvin’s turn once again to kick ass and takes no prisoners in “Prime Cut”.

classic action moives

There is a scene where Marvin and Sissy Spacek are chased through a wheat field by a shredder…a great action sequence.


prime cut

Marvin and Spacek have a great rapport in the film, as he takes on a “father figure” role to help her escape from the bad guys…

best cult movies

A couple of years before she catapulted to stardom in “Carrie”, Sissy Spacek co-stars, and does a great job in the role…

This was Sissy Spacek’s feature film debut – and involves a lot of nudity. She is not only one of the naked “penned” girls, but spends most of her time wearing a see through dress…

I’m not sure if she remembers this film fondly, but she got to work with two acting legends right out of the gate! Marvin and Gene Hackman have a number of great scenes together, a couple of tough guys chewing up the scenery in a great B-movie.

“Prime Cut” is one of the more obscure action movies of the early 70’s, but it delivers the goods!

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