Sex Down Under! “Ozsploitation” Rules! Aussie Movie Trailer Madness!

Have You Heard Of This Classic Genre Of Exploitation?

classic Australian movies

I am a big fan of all sorts of exploitation films, and this genre is a great one for me – get ready to go down under for some “Ozploitation!”

“A Time When Admission Was Cheap – And The Thrills Even Cheaper!”

Well, if The Village Voice says it, it must be true! And now, there is a compilation of movie trailers that celebrate Australia’s “anything goes” era of film from Australia!

classic ozploitation-trailers

I can’t wait to watch them all! Check out this trailer for “Dead End Drive-In!”


How can you top that for exploitation fun? It’s got, blood, sex AND Aussie accents, and it’s just one of the many pleasures to be found HERE!

ozploitation trailer explosion

Yes, this is an amazingly fun collection of “65 jaw-dropping vintage coming attractions of sex, action & horror from down under!

Australian exploitation movies

The exploitation era in Australia is a fascinating one – weird, offbeat films – and very colorful characters in front of and behind the camera!

“Not Quite Hollywood!”

Dozens of vintage exploitation trailers await you on the trailer collection – and if you need more, check out this documentary all about this era of Australian film making:

Australian sexploitation classics

This is a great docu, telling the story of a wild era in film…really worth checking out…as is this classic look at 70’s sexy Australia…


You can read my story about some of the wildest 70’s sexcapades ever, including a documentary about sex in Australia….

And you also need to check out one of the most disturbing Australian films of the early 70’s – a brutal look at the hard drinking Australian outback!

Wake In Fright!


This classic cult film from Australia is included in the “Ozploitaiton Explosion”, but if you want to read more about it, click on here!

It’s a rough, tough and sometimes shocking look at the outback!

wake in fright

Time to enjoy some “Ozploitation!”

Australia After Dark Poster

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