“Sexy” Nun Raquel Welch! “Dirty” Devil Vomit Bags! Classic Euro-Sleaze!

sex symbol Raquel Welch

Is This Wrong?

Is there ANY justification for Raquel Welch playing a “sexy” nun? What? You don’t remember this in a Spielberg film? A Kubrick classic? Well, it raises an important question:

When Do You Know A Movie Is A Classic? Hint: When It Comes With THIS:

Mark Of The Devil Vomit Bag

Yes, “Raider Of The Lost Ark” and “2001: A Space Odyssey” didn’t come with a commemorative vomit bag, but this film did! Enough with the classics: time to have fun with the “other” legendary films! That’s right: imagine a movie SO SHOCKING, SO UNSETTLING, that the film makers offered up a vomit bag for your own protection! Well, the movie did offer this scene:

euro-sleaze classic mark-of-the-devil

“Hold Your Tongue, Europe!”

Yes, thanks to our friends “across the pond”, in the early 70’s American moviegoers were treated to some of the wildest and most shocking films ever!

classic sex eurosleaze

Time to take you back to a time when movies from Europe were more “adult” and “open”, leading to the release of this groundbreaking movie:

classic sexploitation movies

When “I Am Curious (Yellow)” beat US obscenity charges, the floodgates were open for a new era in movies – films that were much more explicit and controversial. Look at the line on this poster:

“Whisper to your friends you saw it!”

70's sex movies

The reason so many of these sleazy exploitation films showed up in American theaters was that US studios were behind the times, not prepared for the new “relaxed” standards for movies….so the country was flooded with some of the wildest movies Europe had to offer…a brand of film known as:

eurosleaze classics


What does that mean exactly? Well, you take lots of sex, violence and perversion and wrap it up in a movie with a tag line like this:

“A Young Bride Alone With An Evil Dwarf!”

dirty movies

Yes, it’s as subtle as a smack to your head…but that’s the point – these films LOVED being over-the-top and offensively entertaining – as you can see, it was part of their marketing campaign, which leads us right back here:

Mark Of The Devil Poster

Hard to misunderstand the filmmaker’s intentions…this film is:

“Guaranteed To Upset Your Stomach!”

“Mark Of The Devil” was notorious for scenes of torture – the precursor to the modern era of “torture porn” – as it told the story of european witch hunts in the 1600’s – if you aren’t familiar with this film, you have missed out on a “euro-sleaze” classic!

Here is the trailer:

torture porn Mark Of The Devil

“Rated V For Violence!”

“Mark Of The Devil” advertised itself as the first film “rated V for violence!” There was no such thing, but a great tag line, huh? This was shortly after a new ratings system was enacted to try and guide viewers…it was a time of “anything goes” in movies…


In reality, the film was a standard horror movie from Germany, looking back at the witch trials that terrorized Europe. There was plenty of sex, nudity, blood and torture – which was the main aspect of the film’s promotion…

muncensored euro-sleaze

That’s right, very inventive producers released the film with a “vomit bag” – a great way to promote the film! And it worked as the film was a big “eurosleaze” hit!

Pray For Raquel!

raquel welch nudity

“Mark Of The Devil” was just one of a number of unbelievable european films that showed up on US screens…for example, have you seen the classic film where Raquel Welch struggles being the world’s sexiest nun? You know, the film where Richard Burton seduces the world’s most beautiful women? And then FREEZES THEM?

film nudity

That’s right, Richard Burton went from co-starring with Elizabeth Taylor in the classic film “Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Wolff” to a “different” one…

classic eurosleaze

Cue The Crow!

Frozen naked actresses? And a crow? Intrigued? I thought so! How can you possibly NOT want to spend time with Richard Burton – just to find out exactly WHY he spends SO MUCH TIME in the movie with a crow on his shoulder?

naked Raquel Welch Bluebeard

And Raquel Welch Was, Indeed, “The Nun!”

Yes, this is a movie where the world’s sexiest woman at the time played a Nun!

Sexy Nun Raquel Welch

Behold The Awfulness Of “Bluebeard”!

Time to introduce you to “Bluebeard”, a 1972 thriller starring Richard Burton, Raquel Welch, Joey Heatherton and Sybil Danning. And it is classic “eurosleaze”, since it was filmed in Budapest, Hungary!

Bluebeard nudity

“Bluebeard” is a perfect example of the 70’s genre of “euro-sleaze”, which were cheap films full of nudity, sex and violence. That’s why the film was stocked with young starlets like Joey Heatherton!

Bluebeard-Joey Heatherton

Richard Burton Bluebeard

Richard Burton was clearly slumming in this film, but euro-sleaze fans are all the better for it! Take a look at the movie’s poster!

bluebeard eurosleaze poster

In case you need this information, here is the plot: A World War I pilot, who everyone envies as a “ladykiller” actually IS one – because after he beds and marries a beautiful woman, he murders them – and keeps them in a freezer!

Here is the trailer:


The film is based on the classic story of “Bluebeard” by Charles Perrault – the story of a wealthy aristocrat (Burton) who has murdered several previous wives. And yes, he seduces the sexy Nun Raquel Welch and kills her too!

Raquel Welch the Nun

His latest spouse is sexy Joey Heatherton, who discovers her dead predecessors in a freezer and tries to avoid their fate!

Joey Heatherton naked

Bluebeard Richard Burton

Burton is onscreen with a multitude of beautiful women, such as Sybil Danning, and everyone had to show nudity or at least wear provocative outfits…

bluebeard richard burton and joey heatherton

Hey! Where’s Raquel?

Before you rush out for this Raquel Welch starring role, know this: even though she was top billed after Richard Burton, Raquel Welch only has 8-minutes of screen time in this two hour long film!

Raquel Welch in Bluebeard

Why I Love Raquel Welch!

“Bluebeard” is just one reason to love Raquel Welch – if you want to see more of her classic roles – including her hilarious appearance on “Seinfeld”, check this out:


Raquel Welch in Bluebeard

Movie - "Bluebeard"

And in case European audiences didn’t understand just HOW sleazy this film was, they made sure to put a crazed Burton staring at a naked woman on the poster as well! Enjoy!

bluebeard nudity

So as you see, “eurosleaze” tackled the issues of sex and violence, but what other “taboo” subjects did they cover?

How About Heroin!

Yes, this classic “eurosleaze” film from Amsterdam tackled the tough subject of substance abuse, as a young “Hanna D” is about to learn the harsh facts of life:

This ain’t no dental exam! “Hanna D: The Girl From Vondel Park” is classic sexploitation from director Rino Di Silvestro – yes, the director of “Werewolf Woman” and “Women In Cellblock 7!”

classic eurosleaze

And see the poster above? That’s for the US market: here is how they promote the same film in Europe:

uncensored movie posters

The documentary feel to the film allows them to show many scenes of drug taking, including a shot of a woman shooting up heroin under her tongue!

The movie begins on the trashiest note and never lets up! We first meet Hanna on a train to Amsterdam from…uh, somewhere, where she’s already selling a peep show starring her body to random passengers!

Hanna quickly meets Miguel, a sleazy playboy who wants to sell Hanna as a porn star, but on her way to her first shoot, she meets Axel on the bus, and falls in love with him instead! Hannah gets around quick!

Torn between the two options placed in front of her, she turns to drugs, and eventually descends into addiction…and learns not only to shoot up under her tongue – BUT IN HER EYELID!

OK, you get it – this cautionary tale was meant to be a shocking – yes shocking! – examination of a young woman in a downward spiral of drug addiction…as the movie begins, Hanna looks so innocent:

And by the end….well, not so much:

cult cinema

These films were designed to shock the audience – supposedly a cautionary tale, but one that revels in the sleaziness of the journey to redemption…

This movie LOVES to drag you into Hanna’s drug-addicted world…but that was a good grindhouse movie is supposed to do, isn’t it?


And now you can find a lot of different “euro-sleaze” collections to buy….like this one that features “Hannah D!”

classic eurosleaze

Yes, “Hannah D” is joined by “The Sister of Ursula” along with what many consider the single greatest slice of “eurosleaze” ever committed to celluloid!

The Sinful Dwarf

Dare To Touch “The Sinful Dwarf!”

It’s almost beyond words….and certainly the single most exploitative film ever to cross the Atlantic! I have posted about this twisted piece of “eurosleaze” before, and you can read all about it and nine other “sexploitation” classics by clicking my story here:


And don’t forget one of the era’s most popular and notorious stars!

70's sex scenes

Read all about Lina Romay’s body of work by clicking here:


And don’t forget what many consider the greatest european sexploitation film of all time!


Yes, Christina Lindberg was one of the all-time greats, and you can read all about her classic european sexploitation films by clicking on my story here:


There are SO many examples of this unique era in film. I also showed you this classic “eurosleaze” film as well, recently released in a terrific blu-ray edition:


You can read all about this film, and Britain’s battle back against “Video nasties” by clicking here:


Let me know if you are a fan of this unique and outrageous era of movie!


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