Candy Snatchers! Preying Mantis! Shocking Exploitation Classics!


Time to settle in for some classic exploitation – thanks to the wild wild days of the early 70’s!

That’s right, grab your masks and let’s have some fun! It’s time to go back in time – to the golden era of grindhouse – when movies were down ‘n dirty –

The movies trailers pandered to the utmost purient interest of the audience – promising ALOT more than they delivered, promising to satisfy the lonely movie-going male…like this guy…

Thanks to DVD, blu-ray and ondemand services, these classic little slices of grime can be enjoyed in the privacy of your own home…

It was a time of “free love” and “Dropping ACID – a psychodelic world of sex and sin – and of course, mayhem!

Mantis In Lace – 1968

She loved them…and loved them…and loved them…TO DEATH!

Look at this! President Obama and VP Biden stop by a sandwich shop that happens to be celebrating this film!!!!

Lila (played by Susan Stewart) is a good-natured go-go dancer who strips at a seedy topless bar on the Sunset Strip. After ingesting LSD, Lila becomes a psychopathic serial killer.

Read This Carefully!

Now listen to how crazy this plot gets: she continues to pick up men at the bar where she is employed, but after her sanity is lost she routinely is interrupted mid-coitus by psychedelic bad trips in which she visualizes a balding, half-naked old man clutching wads of cash in one hand and a bunch of bananas in the other.

Yes, you read that right!

These psychotic episodes cause her to murder her partners by stabbing them with a screwdriver and dismembering them with a rusty meat cleaver (or in one case, a garden hoe) while imagining that she is cutting up cantaloupes and watermelons. as you can see from this VHS cover, they had no problem selling the seddier elements of this movie!

This is from Sexploitation king – Producer Harry Novak, so you knw it’s gonna be down and dirty in the best way! Harry Novak, “the sexploitation king,” produced and distributed a prolific number of exploitation films from the early 60s to the mid-70s, including “Mantis in Lace”.

Novak’s later films straddled the line between hardcore and softcore pornography by featuring both full frontal nudity by both women and men!

As a producer, his most popular late-period genres were rural comedies like The Pigkeeper’s Daughter”…

Nothing like aiming for the bottom and hitting it dead on!

Time To Get AROUSED!

Are you ready for “A BLAST OF DESIRE?”

Aroused! 1966 – “There’s a maniac loose out there! He’s gonna kill again! He’s probably ripping some girl apart right now!”

Thanks to Something Weird Video, this early sexploitation classic lives on…perhaps for all the wrong reasons! And the movie is part of a great 3-pack of grindhouse: Rent a Girl / Aroused / Help Wanted Female – I mean, how can you go wrong with movies like this?

“Aroused!” has a hilarious trailer warning you that the movie is only for the strong of mind…someone posted this description on IMDB: A sicko in a suit kills bad chicks, then has sex with them. A typically depressing b/w NY “roughie” has lots of no-sound segments with bad jazz, cool city locations, lots of long street-walkin’ scenes with hookers and (police) dicks, along with unusually well-drawn characters for a skid-row quickie, sleazy hostile johns, psychotic bartenders and hookers with heart.

These early days of grindhouse used a lot of shots like the one above: you know it’s dirty, but it JUST stays on this side of the law…that is what makes them so much fun!

Torso – 1973. “One Day She Met A Man Who Loved Beautiful Women…BUT NOT ALL IN ONE PIECE!”

This was classic 1973 sexploitation promotion for a straightforward thriller about a series of sex murders that shock a college campus. This one starred sex kitten of the moment Suzy Kendall…

4 four beautiful young girlfriends head for the safety of an isolated country villa. But as they succumb to their own erotic desires, their weekend of pleasure becomes a vacation to dismember at the hands – and blade – of the lecherous maniac.

Euro-trash flooded the US in the early 70’s – and headed straight for the grindhouse. “Torso” was directed by Sergio Martino, who also directed the classic exploiter MOUNTAIN OF THE CANNIBAL GOD, and starred British sex kitten Suzy Kendall.


The Centerfold Girls. This one originally had the tagline: “The most beautiful girls in the world… Some are for loving… Some are for killing!” Noticing a trend? Of course, sexploitation movies were always about women being terrorized – and naked. But most also had the women – well make that the lone surviving woman – killing the killer at the end…so there’s that!

A thin, geeky man wearing saddle shoes and an ill-fitting suit drags the nude body of a young woman along an otherwise empty beach. Soon a number of other beautiful women turn up dead. Nurses, students, stewardesses… what’s the common thread? All were centerfold models for a popular men’s magazine, prey to a bloodthirsty psychotic with a straight razor!

All of these films are on Amazon, and this one is presented in a special edition with a retrospective featurette…as movie lovers dig in to this era of film-making and examine what was going on here and how influential it actually was in the history of film…interesting to put this bloody stuff into perspective.

The Delinquent Schoolgirls. Amazon has this 1975 sexploitationer as part of a “psychotronica collection” of movies that all share the same idea: lots of crazy guys, pointless violence and sex, and girls taking their clothes off!

In “Delinquent Schoolgirls”, escapees from an insane asylum stumble upon an all-girls school, and anti-social behavior with these students ensues, but with a twist –

Don;’t worry, the busty babes know karate! This movie gives the girls a chance to turn the tables and kick some ass!

Oh, and have some naughty fun as well – these classic art cards were perfect “come ons” for guys trolling for a dirty movie…

Again, they always promised more than they delivered!


Violated!(1953) – This is one of the very first “grindhouse” movies, and they set the bar for sexy, lurid covver art and taglines!

“THE DOCUMENTED PROOF ABOUT MALE AND FEMALE BEHAVIOR! ADULT! FRANK! HONEST!” Let’s go back in time, when movies really COULDN’T show anything, so the ad campaigns were always the dirtiest thing about the movie. Violated! promised a whole lot more than it could ever deliver, but that didn’t stop it from promising! These movies were only shown in the theaters that were located on the wrong side of the tracks – the adventure was to see if you could survive the experience…still, it was also a campy bit of movie fun!

The Candy Snatchers – 1973.
“Money is the root of all happiness” – getting it, however, usually involves something much more brutal.

Here is a tough, tough grindhouse classic – with a great plot, good action and strong performances!

16-year old Candy Philips (Susan Sennet, wife of singer Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills and Nash) is brutally abducted and buried alive in the hills of Southern California by a trio of amateur criminals hoping for a hasty ransom exchange.

When Candy’s father doesn’t show at their agreed rendezvous, the threesome — sultry blonde Jessie (Playboy Playmate and 70s B-movie queen star, Tiffany Bolling), her sadistic brother Alan (Brad David) and maladjusted Army vet Eddy (Vincent Martorano) — begin to grow anxious. Paranoia sets in; the kidnappers fear their meticulous plan is crumbling and begin a downward spiral into depravity, mutilation and cold-blooded murder — with Candy helplessly trapped in the middle.

The film was recently remastered and released on a special edition DVD – and is worth checking out if you want to see how gritty the early 70’s grindhouse films could be – without actually going too far, like some did around this time!

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  1. I can remember being so disappointed by such films in the 70s. All the ‘best bits’ were shown in the trailers, and on the posters. The bulk of the film was just badly-acted ‘filler’. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


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