Thumbs Up! Knives Out! Cult Classic “Hitchhiking” Exploitation! Corrine Clery’s “Hitch Hike!”

Hitchhiking horror films

Ever Wanted To “Take To The Road?”

It’s the favorite mode of transportation for the young and free – stick your thumb out and see the world!

hitchhiker poster 2

Well, that doesn’t sound nice! You see, life “on the road” isn’t all Jack Kerouac…it’s a dangerous world as well!

the hitchhikers sex movie

“Thumbs Up! Knives out!”

Time to look at the exploitation movie genre focused on hitchhiking – and just how horrifically dangerous it can be!

Young and Wild (1958)

“The Scorching, Reckless Joy Rides Of Wild Girls Of The Road!”

As early as 1958, shrewd movie Producers figured out that women out on the road alone were great fodder for exploitation, especially when filmed in “naturama!”

hitchhiker poster

And a few years earlier, Hollywood knew that life on the road was a thriller! Take a look at this film noir classic from 1952, written and directed by famous movie star Ida Lupino!

hitchhiker poster 2

Teenage Hitchhikers

In the 70’s, the relaxation of indecency and obscenity rules meant that these hitchhiking films could get more and more outrageous!

the hitchhikers sex movie


“There Is No Such Thing As A Free Ride!”

As you can see, there is no such thing as a “safe ride”! In the 70’s, drive-in theaters were filled with wild exploitative films like this:


“It Was The Longest Ride Of Her Life!”

As you can see, the movie posters promised a film full of young women making bad decisions and paying the price – but these movies were more likely to involve lots of nudity AND revenge!


“Hitch Hike!”

European star Franco Nero starred in this cult film, now being re-discovered thanks to DVD and blu-ray! Here is the trailer for this forgotten classic:


“Hitch Hike” is a psychological thriller that is a rough 70’s gem – and Corrine Clery bares all as the wife who won’t give up without a fight!

Clery spends a fair amount of time nude as she fights to save her husband Franco Nero, leading to a reveal that is shocking!

Perhaps the most iconic film dealing with the horror of hitchhiking is the 80’s classic “The Hitcher” with the late, great Rutger Hauer!

The Hitcher horror film

Take A Ride With “The Hitcher!”

This cult classic from 1986 tells a straightforward tale: a young man who escapes from a crazed hitch-hiker – then finds himself framed for the “hitchers” crimes!

As you can see, NOTHING good happens when you pick up a hitchhiker, no matter what these posters suggest!

the hitchhikers sex movie

This is just one category of exploitation film that is so much fun to watch – another classic of exploitation is this one:

the naughty stewardesses movie

Naughty Stewardesses!

Talk about having fun while flying! This genre got its start with the release of the bawdy novel “Coffee Tea or Me?” Read all about it here:

I said earlier that many of these films were actually about empowered females turning the tables on stupid guys…perhaps no more so than this genre:

Angels_die_hard_naked chopper chicks

“Tough as nails” biker chicks are always fun to watch, and you can see the best ones by clicking on my story here:

And finally, there was one genre that was so good that even David Hasselhoff got into it!


Yes, “The Hoff” starred in a cheerleader movie! Find out which one by clicking on my story here:

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  1. I actually saw that Franco Nero film, at a cinema in London. His name was still big enough to attract viewers at the time. As for my favourite theme in any exploitation? Hard to choose. Anything with Lesbian Nuns or Vampires, Women’s prisons, and Russ Meyer’s ladies. I like most of them, as you know! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.



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