Shocktober 2018 Is Here! Check Out These Halloween Horrors!

most shocking movies

Welcome to Halloween Shockfest 2018!

In the mood for some bloody good fun this Halloween season? Well, then wipe that mess off your face and let’s get a good look at your beautiful skin….ah yes, that’s better:

most shocking film ever made

Yes, it’s time to get completely “horrified” for the Halloween season, and I wanted to share a wide variety of “horrific” directions you could go…horror gems across. Number of different genres and styles – like, for example, the unique style of “J-sploitation”:


Too much too soon? Then you certainly WON’T appreciate this iconic image from an erotic vampire trilogy of the 70’s:

naked vampire

So many great movies to share, and Halloween is just around the corner…let’s begin with the classics:


Yes, “The Shining” is a great horror film to put on at night with the lights out….oh, and this one’s pretty good too:


Um, does somebody want to tell sweet Regan that she is turned the wrong way and can’t see the TV? Seriously, you can’t go wrong with these two classic horror films, read more about “The Shining” and “The Exorcist” by clicking on here:

Need more? Sure you do!

“Evil Dead” Perhaps? Or “The Changeling?”

best scary movies changeling_ver4

You can also try these classics: “Evil Dead” of course, but how about the brilliant “The Changeling” starring George C. Scott? Click here to read about both!

The story includes some “Switchblade Romance” AKA “High Tension” as well!


“Light Comedy” Perhaps?

Well, you’ve come to the right place if you are one of the people who think THIS is a black comedy:


Have I got a used chainsaw to sell you! Yes, it’s just about the most intensely scary film to watch in the dark, but you can read all about the classic “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” as well as the brilliant – ORIGINAL – “Carrie” by clicking here:

Or Maybe Just Hang With “Jessica”?


Oops, too late – she’s dead! Well, this is a classic creepy horror film, and so is “Rosemary’s Baby”, so check out both by clicking here:

Rosemary's Baby

Talk about colic!

So, every film on these lists is full of good scares – some creepy, some shocking…and then there is, for those of you who JUST NEED BLOOD:


Yep, “J-Sploitation” to the rescue! You have to check out these “over the top” bloody horror camp classic by clicking here:

I promise you: you will NEVER find movies with more blood than these ones!


Well, that said, I MAY have found a challenger- or two – to the crown – also from overseas:

“Trouble Every Day”, Indeed!


Yep, those french sure do love to soak up the screen in the color red! And they aren’t alone! Check out these obscure horror classics from France, South Korea and Hong Kong – all GREAT horror films: “Trouble Every Day”, “Cold Fish” and “Dream Home” by clicking here:

And speaking of foreign shock and scares…


Need some Italian “Pulp Fiction”?

While not “horror” like “The Exorcist”, there is a category of film known as the “Italian Giallo” film that features lots of shocks, scares, and mayhem!


These italian horror slashers will do the trick this Halloween for you:



Now, In Case You Need Something Even MORE Distateful:

cult halloween films

Yep, there is “Nazisploitation Horror” – you know, movies about how the Nazis avoided losing WW2 because they fled TO THE MOON – and are now coming back for revenge on the Earth – as Zombies! Bite down on this wacky horror trend by clicking here:

Or, if you REALLY want to camp it up – get some “old lady horror!”

camp halloween horror films

If you ever needed to see Debbie Reynolds in a horror film – and I really think you do – then this is the link for you!

This is just the beginning – i will be sharing more cult horror classics all month long!

Happy Halloween Horror!

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  1. I’m always up for some ‘old lady’ horror, and of course anything to do with lesbian vampires.
    Some great selections here, John.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. Brilliant “Carrie!” #31DaysOfHalloween! Brian DePalma’s Horror Classic With A “Star Wars” Connection! – johnrieber

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