Linnea Quigley’s “Living Dead” Dance! #31DaysOfHalloween Celebrates This 80’s Scream Queen And Also Has “Chainsaw Hookers!”

best Halloween nude movies

Time For Another Bloody, Campy, Sexy Halloween Treat!

As we celebrate #31daysofhalloween, how can you NOT love a movie that has this tag line:

“They Charge An Arm And A Leg!”

And a “subtle” poster like this!

hollywood-chainsaw-hookers naked halloween

Time To Celebrate The Bloody Fun Of “Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers!”

Yes, the title should tell you how “tongue in bloody cheek” this film is, but that’s what makes it a classic! First, check out this vintage movie trailer – oh, be warned that it is full of sex, nudity and blood – everything that makes Halloween great!

Check out the trailer:


Here is the film’s plot, courtesy of the great website “DVD Drive-in”:

“On the hunt for runaway Oxnard teenager Samantha, Los Angeles private detective Jack Chandler stumbles across an LAPD investigation into a series of chainsaw serial killings when thinks homicide detective Harrison’s “Cuisinart Queen” suspect – caught “making Chicken McNuggets with a chainsaw” – might be the missing girl!”

hollywood-chainsaw-hookers halloween 2015

“Chicken McNuggets With A Chainsaw”!

First of all, bravo to the modern scream queen Linnea Quigley, who gives a terrific performance in the film! The late 80’s were a delirious time for low-budget filmmaking…from “Re-Animator” to “Chainsaw Hookers”, movies were trying to keep the spirit of the drive-in alive – just bloodier, sexier and with a knowing wink to the audience!

Linnea Quigley naked halloween movies

Director Fred Olen Ray had already directed a few movies prior to “HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS” – but according to DVD Drive-In, “Hookers” was filmed in five days!


Greg Kenner’s “MovieTime” Moment!

DVD Drive-In also reports there is a great “extra” on the blu-ray release: a vintage “MovieTime Hollywood Premiere” (3:53) in which later Oscar-nominated actor Greg Kinnear pays his dues condescendingly covering the film’s premiere interviewing Quigley, Wildsmith, Camp Video’s Jim Goff, Sybil Danning (who is “always interested in a seeing a good documentary”), and cabaret act “Les Stevens and the Lovely Carol”.

As one of the folks who worked at MovieTime in the day, this is a great piece of nostalgia!

Read the entire review on DVD Drive-in’s website here:

And don’t forget to gas up for some fun this Halloween!


Are you also looking for more great Halloween options starring Scream Queen Linnea Quigley?

linnea-quigley-naked dance

Well, America’s reigning Scream Queen also liked to shake it onscreen, as she did in this classic film:


Another great Halloween classic, the campy fun of “Return Of The Living Dead!” See all the naked fun here:

You should follow Linnea – her Twitter account has all the info on her ongoing career and personal appearances:

I love Linnea Quigly, and her willingness to go all out for a movie! Let me know what your favorite Halloween film is!

hollywood-chainsaw-hookers naked halloween

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  1. Chainsaw hookers has to be one of the most amusing ‘genre-mix’ ideas ever. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Story has it that Linnea Quigley (Trash) first performed her naked dance scene with pubic hair until a producer said that was too much and had her shave it off. But then he said it was worse because now they could see her exposed vagina. So the makeup department created a crotch patch for her to wear which is why she looks like a Barbie doll in that scene.

    Anyone know if behind the scenes or test footage exists of her dancing before they added the crotch patch?



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