Eddie Murphy IS “Dolemite!” Here’s The Terrific Trailer For A Classic Blaxploitation Biopic!!

Eddie Murphy Will Become “Dolemite!”

For 70’s cult movie fans like myself, this is great news!

And now, the official movie trailer is here – check it out!

Eddie Murphy stars in this Netflix film about the life of Rudy Ray Moore, the star of the blaxploitation “Dolemite” films. “Hustle and Flow”‘s Craig Brewer is directing a script by Scott Alexander & Larry Karaszewski, the writing team behind such quirky biographical films as “Big Eyes”, “Ed Wood” and “The People Vs. Larry Flynt.”

If you aren’t exactly sure who Rudy Ray Moore is, well, here’s a primer:

What Exactly IS A “Dolemite?”

It’s a question many movie lovers might be asking – but he is one of the most successful and influential stars in the early 70’s blaxploitation film genre…who has a hilariously profane way with words…

Rudy Ray Moore Rocks!

I can’t wait for this story to be told, because it’s a classic “only in Hollywood…” tale. You want to be a star? Make yourself one!

As Deadline.com describes him:

“Moore worked in a Hollywood record store in 1970 when he began hearing obscene stories of pimp and hustler named Dolemite. He started a club act where he became Dolemite. He began generating records that mixed humor and a ghetto fantasy character, burnishing the legend. While too racy to be put on display in record stores, the records became a big inner city underground hit. The proceeds allowed Moore to finance the 1975 film Dolemite, which he starred in as a kung fu-capable pimp ghetto hero who stuck it to The Man. Moore followed with three sequels. He continues to be an influence for the likes of hip hop entrepreneur Snoop Dogg, and he had something of a comeback starring alongside the hip hop group Insane Clown Posse in “Big Money Hustlas” in 2000.”

You have to love this classic slice of 70’s blaxploitation cinema, and if you aren’t familiar with this genre, here are a few other examples:

Read about my favorite female blaxploitation stars, including Pam Grier and Cleopatra Jones by clicking here:


Let me know if you are familiar with this great genre of 70’s film!

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  1. I hope Eddie can calm down a little in this role. His tendency to overplay everything makes him difficult for me to watch at times. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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