“Sexy Nun” Raquel Welch! Wow! Richard Burton’s Euro-Sleaze Classic “Bluebeard!”

Hello, Raquel!

How can you refuse a movie that offers Raquel Welch as a sexy NUN?

Oh, and what if ALL of the actresses in the film end up FROZEN!????

joey heatherton birthday

Yes, It’s “Euro-Sleaze” At Its Finest!

Welcome to one of Europe’s sleaziest films – a classic bit of “euro sleaze” from the 70’s – the wild wild world of “Bluebeard” – starring Richard Burton!

bluebeard eurosleaze poster

Time to introduce you to “Bluebeard”, a wildly misguided 1972 erotic thriller starring Richard Burton, Raquel Welch, Joey Heatherton and Sybil Danning. It was filmed in Budapest, Hungary and directed by Edward Dmytryk.

Bluebeard nudity

“Bluebeard” is a perfect example of the 70’s genre of film known as “euro-sleaze”, cheap movies filmed in eastern Europe – and full of nudity, sex and violence. The casts were “multi-national” to broaden their appeal, and the film is also stocked with young starlets of that time – like Joey Heatherton!

Bluebeard-Joey Heatherton

Richard Burton Bluebeard

Richard Burton was certainly slumming for a paycheck, although the idea of the film is interesting. It’s the “true” story of a man who did indeed have a “bluebeard”, and murdered his many wives for their money!

Raquel Welch Bluebeard

And Raquel Welch Was, Indeed, “The Nun!”

Yes, it just keeps getting more bizarre, as “Bluebeard” stars Raquel Welch playing the world’s sexiest Nun!

Sexy Nun Raquel Welch

bluebeard frozen actresses

This is the kind of “so bad its good” film that has been saved for future generations, thanks to great home video companies who remaster these movies so film buffs can see just how wild the 70’s were for film!

Here is the trailer:

As he kills his wives, they are all in various stages of undress as well:

And now, Director Anna Biller is going to do an “empowered female” take on the story!

Biller’s latest movie was the terrific erotic thriller “The Love Witch”, her take on 60’s movies through the filter of 1950’s Douglas Sirk films.

Here’s what Richard Brody of The New Yorker said about “The Love Witch”:

“Biller puts genre to the test of do-it-yourself artistry, and puts feminist ideology itself to the test of style. The film pulsates with furious creative energy throughout, sparking excitement and giddy amazement that it even exists.”

“The Love Witch” was on many “best films of 2016” lists, including The New Yorker and Indiewire.

I wrote about this terrific film, and you can see more about it here:


Bravo to filmmaker Anna Biller, can’t wait to see her take on “Bluebeard!”

And for fans of really bad 70’s movies with lots of sex, violence and plodding pacing – check out “Bluebeard!”


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13 replies

  1. I must get round to seeing Burton in ‘Bluebeard’ one of these days. I still can’t believe I missed it!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • Pete, it’s NOT a good film, but a fascinating one for many reasons, and it’s a great example of “euro-sleaze” – cheap locations, lots of nudity and violence, campy over-acting, no doubt the set parties were more fun than much of the film, but the story is a good one!


  2. I am so excited you’ve spotlighted Anna Biller. (This is as good as a new bacon recipe and you know how much we love those.) “The Love Witch” and her first feature “Viva” are both on my short list to write about.

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  3. saw this film in a theater when first released. Burton and Dmytryk must have really needed the cash, it’s such a sleazefest. the film did big business though because of Joey Heatherton who was a sex symbol on TV bedding commercials at the time. It was from the same producers of the Christopher Reeve “Superman” movies BTW.

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  4. Saw it in UK, old (long gone) ABC cinema, oddly double billed with ‘Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things’: Bluebeard was so dull, my companion and I became otherwise engaged, but CSPWDT at the time freaked me: and I think the entry price was just only something like 3s.6d! Immagine ..

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