Obscure Cult Gems “The Virgin Witch!” “Witchcraft ’70!” A Satanic Double Bill!


“A ballad of the ’60’s said, ‘I left my heart in San Francisco’. Now in the ’70’s it is possible to leave one’s soul there as well.”

How can you NOT love a film that includes that line? Remember, not all films are destined to be Best Picture! Some have a “different” agenda:

the virgin witch

It’s Time To Celebrate Halloween Season – NAKED!

Yes, NAKED! And that means a look at some of the wildest horror films of the early 70’s!

Can You Handle “The Virgin Witch?” How About THIS?”

Witchcraft 70

“A wild, weird world of bizarre practices and savage pleasure actually filmed as they exist today in the cities and suburbs of our civilization!”

There was a time when these films were shown in classic “grind houses”, where sexploitation movies were shown all day and night to a “less discerning” audience!

Movies like this:

virgin-witch Poster

“The Virgin Witch!”

First, check out this classic trailer:

Thanks to “Sleaze-O-Rama” on YouTube for posting this trailer, which only hints at the madness of this movie!

virgin witch naked horror

It all begins innocently enough: Christine and her sister Betty go to a castle for a weekend modeling assignment. But guess what? She’s been lured there as a virgin for induction into a witch’s coven!

naked virgin witch horror

Well, you can imagine how much nudity comes from this setup! It’s a classic horror setup: lured into a world of black magic…where do they get these ideas?

How about from here!

Witchcraft movie

The Madness Of “Witchcraft ’70”!

Yes, “Witchcraft” is all around us, and there’s a movie that shows it all to you!
Here’s a lurid expose about witchcraft around the world – first, watch this over-the-top trailer!

“Witchcraft ’70” is a “hidden camera”-style report of satanic rites from around the world. The movie dares to expose the audience to devil worshipping, voodoo cults, the church of satan, black magic, naked exorcism and pagan rituals!

worst horror films of all time

The film is filled with great narration like this:

“A ballad of the ’60’s said, ‘I left my heart in San Francisco’. Now in the ’70’s it is possible to leave one’s soul there as well.”

And it appears they left their clothes there too!


And just to spice things up, how about this narration from the film:

“The night air carries the stench of flames, sex and an acrid unnatural sweat.”

These films used a variety of footage from around the world to make their case that “Witchcraft” was everywhere – including your movie theater!

Leave me a comment if you’ve seen either of these classic exploitation films!

If you want to learn more about the wacky world of “grind house” cinema, read my story here:


Let me know if you’ve experienced “The Virgin Witch!”

the virgin witch

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  1. They are still making similar films now, albeit without the gratuitous nudity at such levels. I came across this film on TV, just this week. It was OK, with a decent twist. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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