Christina Lindberg’s Greatest Exploitation Film! One Movie – THREE Titles!


Meet Christina Lindberg!

One of the sexploitation world’s most famous Actresses WANTS to be disturbed!

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I am a fan of 60’s & 70’s exploitation films – an era of filmmaking that broke many rules, and opened the doors in America to provocative, adult content never seen before…the doors were first opened by Swedish “art shockers” such as the eye-opening and frequently-banned “I Am Curious (Yellow)”.

This was an entirely new category of exploitation movie: the “ARTSPLOITATION” film – an arthouse film that includes lots of nudity and sexual situations, but with an international sophistication that didn’t exist at the time in the US.

Ultimately there were dozens of “artsploitation” films that came out of this movie revolution, but the most startling discovery I found was an Actress who became an iconic part of film history – in a very short period of time…and then was gone forever.

In the world of exploitation, there is perhaps nobody more iconic than Swedish Sex Kitten Christina Lindberg.

With the explosion of home video / DVD / blu-ray in the last two decades, many foreign “artsploitaiton” films have become available – and her most notorious film actually had THREE titles!


This is the “Citizen Kane” of “artsploitation” cinema – the classic film “Thriller”, released in the US with a slightly longer title:

Lindberg plays Frigga, who lives with her parents on their farm. One day, Frigga misses the bus to get to class.

She accepts a ride off a suave looking gentlemen named Tony who pulls up beside her. Once they are in town, he takes her for a meal. Afterwards, he takes Frigga back to what appears to be his bachelor pad. He gives her wine that has probably been drugged, as she passes out after drinking it.

The man then takes no time in bringing a crooked doctor in to get her fixed on high class heroin.

Christina endures repeated assaults, and more drugs, including being partially blinded like this! A long standing rumor surrounding the film was that a real corpse was used for the scene where her eye is taken out with a scalpel. In a March 2006 interview, Christina Lindberg confirmed this. The body was of a young girl who had committed suicide. Makeup was added to the eye, and the shot was filmed in the hospital that had received the body!


Finally, she escapes from her Abductors, and trains herself for the ultimate revenge – then methodically tracks down each man who has abused her – a female “Death Wish!”!

A Film With Three Titles!

In those days of US grind house, savvy Producers knew they could “recycle” films and show them again – just add a new title, which is how you got:

Yes, they slapped a new title on the film, taking advantage of her “one eye” plot point, and sent it back out into movie theaters….and when that wasn’t enough, they released it A THIRD TIME with an even-more egregious title:

“All She Wanted Was Love – But All She Got Was The Shaft!!!”

Well, at least this poster acknowledges it was “formerly” another film – and what makes me laugh is that she wasn’t even a hooker in the movie – but she sure was nude!

Another disturbing thing for Lindberg – “Thriller” was released as a “XXX-rated” film as well – using body doubles to replace her for the hardcore footage!

Acording to Wikipedia, Lindberg did not like that nude pictures were getting more and more explicit and during the filming of Gerard Damiano’s “Flossie” in West Germany — she left the set and returned home to Sweden. Damiano (who also directed the infamous “Deep Throat”) persuaded Lindberg to leave because he knew that it was going to be a hardcore film. For several years the German producer tried to bring her back in an attempt to complete the film. According to Videooze (No. 8, 1996), about 1,000 meters of film had been shot by Damiano. Production stopped and never resumed.

Director Quentin Tarantino expressed his admiration for both the film and Lindberg’s performance, and she later served as an inspiration for Darryl Hannah’s character in Tarantino’s “Kill Bill” films.

For all the sex and nudity – and yes, there is a lot – Christina Lindberg was about so much more than just that. She “acted” in these movies – they were “art films” in their soft-core sort of way – and they deserve respect for pushing boundaries while still attempting to tell stories with real characters and real psychological issues. All while naked.

Check out some of her iconic performances and learn to appreciate the “Queen of Artsploitation” by clicking on my list of her movies here:

Happy Birthday To Christina Lindberg! Celebrate With The “Queen Of Artsploitation’s” Most Provocative Films!

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  1. Always interesting to read about those ‘re-titled’ films, John. And the use of body doubles for hardcore scenes became very distressing for some actresses over the years. In the age of #metoo, I wonder how that would fly now!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Seen a few Lindberg films,
    but not this one thanks, going to search it out now. and might also be inspiration for Ron Bonk’s “She Kills” ? G.P.



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