Cult Cinema Chopper Chicks! Drive-In Movie Hellcats! Vintage “Hog-sploitation”!

chopper chick flicks

I Love Chopper Chicks!

Well, their movies at least! If you missed out on this genre of cult exploitation movie – the “chopper chick” film, then here are some of the classics that have passed you by! First of all, “biker” flicks have been part of the grindhouse film genre since Marlon Brando was “The Wild One”!

the wild one

But it’s the chick who rule the hogs! Any guy can ride a Harley and call himself a man – but when you put a beautiful woman on the back of a motorcycle, she becomes a “Hellcat!”


“Leather On The Outside!~ All Woman On The Inside!” Meet “The Hellcats!”

What more is there to say? Roll the trailer!


OK, if you are about to ask me the plot of this movie, you are missing the point! These are about one thing only: an “untamed” woman who can ride a Motorcycle and kick some ass!

Here are some more classic examples!

The Hard Ride

Angels_die_hard_naked chopper chicks

she devils on wheels movie

“Guts As Hard As The Steel Of Their ‘Hogs’!”

Absolutely! These are movies that tell the stories of women who know how to stand up to a man – and live by their own rules! Are the films good? Again, who cares when you have posters as entertaining as these!

throbbing hard angels-poster

“Big Men With Throbbing Machines And The Girls Who Take Them On!”

One of the great aspects of this genre is the blatant blatant BLATANT pandering to men as exemplified by this poster – hilarious!

These movies may not be that good, but boy are they fun!

chopper chicks

I also posted a story about a classic counter culture film from 1971 – which included a star-making turn by an Actress who shows up riding a motorcycle – naked!

nudity Vanishing Point

Meet Gilda Texter!

This Actress didn’t make many films – she ending up working behind the camera – but what an entrance she made!

vanishing_point NudeRider

Her appearance in “Vanishing Point” mesmerized male moviegoers – and made her a counter-culture star! Read more about this fascinating movie cameo by clicking on my story here:

Now, if your “chopper chick” films need bigger stars, perhaps an Oscar winner will do the trick – and I’ve got you covered!

cycle sluts

“Chopper Chicks In Zombietown”! Troma Strikes Again!

Just say the title of this film three times out loud and you will smile for the rest of the day! Meet “The Cycle Sluts”: a gang of tough women bikers who ultimately are the only thing that stands between a ravenous band of zombies and the residents of a small town! Check out this “Tromatic” trailer!

billy bob thornton chopper chicks in zombietown

Billy Bob Thornton Rides His Hog!

That’s right, “Chopper Chicks In Zombietown” stars Billy Bob Thornton, which Troma is most eager to make you aware of on the front cover of the new DVD release!

cycle sluts

You must take this ride! Troma films have a great sense of humor, lots of gore effects, nudity and plain old fun! The “Cycle Sluts” take on Zombies and kick some serious Zombie butt – with Billy Bob Thornton!


Troma is behind some of the greatest cult films of all time – like “The Toxic Avenger” and “Class Of Nuke ’em High!”

If your taste for Troma isn’t satisfied – and how could it be – then check out some of the best Troma films of all time here!

Billy Bob Thornton wasn’t the only big star to ride a bike…one of Hollywood’s legendary sex kittens once rode a chopper as well!

CC and Company

Ann-Margret rode a chopper in the cult classic “C.C. & Company”, starring opposite NFL legend Joe Namath!

Read all about that movie by clicking on my story here:

And of course, legendary filmmaker Russ Meyer also had a thing for “Chicks on bikes” – check out “Motorpsycho!”


Russ Meyer came to be known as the “King Of Software” for such films as “Vixen” and “Up!” In this film, one of this big-busted regulars, Haji stars in a “chopper chick” drama that’s full of action, stunts, and scantily clad Haji!

“Sexploitaiton’s Godfather!”

Russ Meyer’s films are raucous and wildly entertaining. This came out a year before Meyer hit the sexploitation big time with his iconic cult film “Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!”


If you haven’t seen this film, you have missed one of cinema’s most energetic and shamelessly entertaining films ever!


Read more about the renegade spirit that lives in “Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!” by clicking here:

Let me know what your favorite “Chopper Chick” flick is!

cycle sluts

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  1. I am always amazed by how so many ‘serious actors’ and big stars got involved in such films. My personal preference was for anything from Russ Meyer. That man truly knew how to exploit the big-breasted ‘genre’. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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