Sexy “Bored” Housewives! Love’s “Agony!” How To “Make A Bed”! Classic “Ecstasy”!

You all know that I am fascinated by an era of filmmaking when movie posters were full of innuendo and suggestion –



Yes, this is going to be one clean motel! The classic poster for “The Bed And How To Make It” was a pure marketing “come on”, and here are some more GREAT examples of the era! Let’s return to a time of suggestive posters and “not-very-subtle” dialogue like:

“Don’t bite! Pain hurts.”

agony of love

Yes, there was definitely some “agony” in this love. In an era of “Fifty Shades Of Grey”, let’s look at a time when “sin was simpler”: checkout the poster for the story of a bored housewife and her “temptations!”

agony_of_love classic cult films

Yes, a restless, bored housewife rents an apartment where she indulges in all of her sexual fantasies. Now, since this was the late 60’s, those temptations almost ALWAYS took place off-camera, but her “temptation” was enough to fill grind house theaters with lonely men all across the country!

sex starlet pat barrington

Exploitation Sex Symbol Pat Barrington!

Legendary sex kitten Pat Barrington stars as a housewife who has an itch she cannot scratch:

And the film includes this classic line, which could have come straight from “Fifty Shades Of Grey”:

“Don’t bite! Pain hurts.”

agony of love

This was a time when films promised so much more than they ever delivered, which meant the movie posters were hilariously titillating! However, when you have Pat Barrington, you CAN deliver this at least:

She had a wild career and a tragic end – read more about here life by clicking on my story here:

Films like this always sold the same idea: “bored” women who were led down the path into temptation…the classic staples of the “sexploitation” film.

Now of course, there are SO many classics in this genre, with posters that were as hilariously suggestive – like this classic:

Girl With Hungry Eyes Movie

As you can see, the “come on” was forbidden sex, dirty secrets and a voyeuristic “Peeping Tom” vibe…and of course, innocent women who really aren’t that innocent…

Here’s what is, to me, the all-time greatest title for a 60’s exploitation movie:

dirty movies

“A Taste Of Honey, A Swallow Of Brine!”

This was a real movie, folks, and I own it!

You can read more about the “dirty” world of early Grindhouse cinema by clicking here:

And finally, here is a subtle poster tag line:

“The Motel Had 70 Beds…And She Knew Them All!”


“The Bed And How To Make It!”

Although it suggests much much more, the star of this film actually “makes the beds” in the movie – as a housekeeper!

cult sex movies

The poster was clearly promising a lot of “action” in the film, and there is some “boundary pushing” simulated sex and nudity, but this mostly just a classic 60’s sexploitation romp…directed by the legendary Joe Sarno.

cult sex movies

The folks at Something Weird have done a great job of keeping these obscure films alive for future generations to study and enjoy! Also, a big kudos to Severin Films as well, a home video company that is also working hard to keep classics like this alive:


“Vampyros Lesbos” and “She Killed In Ecstasy” are amazing new Severin blu-ray releases – with newly remastered versions, lots of extras, and real insight into what makes these films worth preserving – like the work of the brilliant Soledad Miranda!

Read all about all of her films by checking out my story here:

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There you have it, another trip into a fascinating time in movie history!

agony of love

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  1. John, you have trawled through some simply wonderful trash, to bring it to our attention. Speaking personally, I thank you for that, I really do. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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