RIP Larry Cohen – The Great Cult Director – Here Are His Best Movies…

RIP Director Larry Cohen…

Sad news for cult movie fans…legendary Director Larry Cohen – the “King” of winged serpents, killer babies AND blaxploitation – has died at the age of 77. This “cult movie Monday” will celebrate the legendary Director, who delivered a number of exploitation classics for cult movie buffs, and there’s a documentary that celebrates his career, a great way to remember him…

Larry Cohen is a legendary B-movie Producer, Director, and Screenwriter – who had some of the best cult movies of the 70’s and 80’s…shown here with some of his favorite “stars”…and a new documentary will allow you to celebrate his great is the trailer for “Kind Cohen”:

The film celebrates his unique vision for films with lots of clips and interviews that capture the manic energy behind his cinematic work.

Cohen’s first big hit was the classic low-budget horror film “It’s Alive”, about a mutant monster baby that embarks on a killing spree. It has one of the best tag lines for any movie – check out the poster:

“There’s Only ONE Thing Wrong With The David Baby…It’s ALIVE!”

This is one of the greatest tagline ever. And the film delivers as well – a low-budget shocker with a great hook!

He followed this hit up with a sequel, as well as making great blaxploitation films like “Hell Up In Harlem”:

Cohen was known to break a lot of rules when making his movies, and the documentary gets into some of those wacky stories of truly independent filmmaking.

This is the poster for his science fiction classic “Q The Winged Serpent.” It’s a terrific monster movie – a “winged serpent” terrorizes a very 70’s New York City….check out the trailer:

Cohen was a “down and dirty” filmmaker – no muss, no fuss, he just made his wildly entertaining films in a straightforward manner.

Here are a few more movies he directed in the 70’s and 80’s…

Cohen finished the 1980’s with “Wicked Stepmother” – which was the legendary Bette Davis’s last role…he has many more credits in his career, including screenwriting the Joel Schumacher thriller “Phone Booth” from 2002.

A great career that has been captured in a documentary, plus you can buy his movies to see his work again.

RIP Larry Cohen…

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  1. I really enjoyed Q The Winged Serpent. It was much better that I expected it to be.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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