This Japanese “Scorpion” Is A Killer! Cult “Empowered” J-Sploitation Action Star!

classic japanese pinky film female prisoner scropion

Dressed fully in black and carrying a sharp knife, this is one of the greatest action heroes that America’s NEVER HEARD OF!

Time to share a “J-sploitation” film series that combines action, violence and “women in prison” genres to terrific effect!


This classic Japanese exploitation series follows the adventures of Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion!


“Female Prisoner 701: Scorpion!”

Japanese star Meiko Kaji is Scorpion, and as you can imagine, the movie follows her travails inside a prison!

Check out the great trailer!

japanese nudity female prinsoner 701

Here’s how one website described it:

“Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion contains everything you will find in the remainder of the series, so if you don’t like what you see, venture no further. We are talking soft-core couplings, lesbianism, slapstick prison wardens administering gleeful punishment and lots and lots of blood, usually shooting out jet-stream style from freshly severed limbs. But, seriously, what’s not to like about that?”

Female prisoner scorpion prisoner 71 poster

“Female Prisoner Scorpion: Jailhouse 41!”

As much fun as “Female Prisoner 701: Scorpion” is, it’s just the beginning!

The second film in the series is considered by many to be the definitive entry. In “Female Prisoner Scorpion: Jailhouse 41” has our heroine recaptured and placed in solitary confinement, before she plans an escape through the bowels of the prison – with six other inmates in tow!

Here is the trailer:

One website claimed that “Jailhouse 41” has even more nudity, gratuitous sadism, acid-tinged fantasy sequences – plus musical numbers and extreme martial arts as well!


Scorpion Gets “Armed!”

Next up is the third film in the series – “Female Prisoner 701 Scorpion: Beast Stable” – as our heroine is free but on the run from the law again…

japanese sexploitation movie beast-stable

Here is the classic trailer for the film, which includes her running with a severed arm!



This is wildly inventive moviemaking, operating under the classic exploitation rules: these movies must feature lots of action, nudity, and over-the-top mayhem!

Female Prisoner Scorpion

A Final “Grudge!”

The final film in the series, “Female Prisoner Scorpion #701: Grudge Song” has a different Director, and shows a gentler side of our Heroine…and if you want to see all four in all-new remastered editions with tons of great extras, check this out!

Arrow video Female Prisoner Scorpion

Arrow Video is releasing a new blu-ray box set with all four films and tons of great extras, so you can dive into the deep end of the “J-sploitation” pool!

Japanese “pinky” films were wildly popular in the 1970’s, and are legendary for their portrayal of “tough girls” in dangerous situations:

pinky violence

You can see some of the best of the genre here:

Even though these films are from the 70’s, the modern era of cinema in Japan includes the genre of “J-sploitation” as well!

bikini game jiggle video

One of the more recent films had a very controversial “jiggle” promo, which you can see here:
The genre is also tongue in cheek, or in this case….

Zombie Ass

Yes, “Zombie Ass: Toilet Of The Dead” is a classic example of the “J-sploitation” genre, see it here!

Leave me a message and let me know if you’ve seen any of the “Scorpion” films!

Female Prisoner Scorpion

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