A Wild “Living Dead Girl” From The “Fascinating” Bloody Vision Of Jean Rollin!

Meet This “Living Dead Girl!”

A moody, bloody horror film is a current obsession of mine, thanks to a unique French filmmaker!

Fascination shocktober 2016 movie

Time To Be “Fascinated” By Director Jean Rollin!

If you’ve never heard of French Director Jean Rollin, you have missed out on some very atmospheric, haunting, nudity and blood-filled – yet somewhat slow-moving – European art-film horror!


Meet Jean Rollin!

Jean Rollin was a French film director, actor, and novelist – best known for his films in the “fantastique” genre, as they say in France. He specialized in atmospheric horror of the 70’s – when relaxed censorship rules in cinema allowed Directors to push the envelope!

Jean Rollin Director


Jean Rollin’s are very interesting to watch: moody, atmospheric and did I mention that his films were filled with BLOOD!

The Living Dead Girl

Jean Rollin’s Cult “Artsploitation” Is “Redeemed”!

Thanks to the terrific “Redemption” series of releases – from the “Redemption Films” group – these movies are now available again – and gives each film a newly remastered look, plus tons of extras like documentaries, audio commentaries and trailers – a terrific job.

Requiem For A Vampire

Requiem For A Vampire

Here is an early classic: on the run from a reform school, two young women commit crimes dressed as clowns.

cult 70's movies

Yes, they commit crimes dressed as clowns. How can you argue with that? Here is the clown-filled trailer:

Of course, the two “fleeing female clowns” seek refuge in a haunted castle, and end up trapped with no escape!

requiem for a vampire

Because, as happens too often, this haunted castle is ruled by a hoard of sexy, blood-crazed vampires and their leader, an evil immortal creature who is the last of his kind.

requiem for a vampire

Another of Rollins films is this classic:


Jean Rollin Fascination

Considered by many to be his masterpiece, “FASCINATION” follows a swaggering thief who hides out in a lavish chateau, holding the female occupants at gunpoint.

Jean Rollin Fascination

naked sex movies

You can sense a trend here: Rollin’s films usually involve women who are kidnapped or held against their will – and who wreck revenge against their abductors – usually men. And they always end up in a deserted castle.


Women With A Thirst For Blood!

When night falls, the “Fascination” captor realizes that these two maids are not only deadlier than he imagined, but are gatekeepers to a ring of women with a thirst for blood.

fascination jean rollin

Once again, the film is filled with hynotic imagery like this:


And what I think is his most dynamic image ever captured in one of his films – the blonde on the bridge with the sickle…


This action sequence, while fairly slow moving – it is, as you know, Jean Rollin – this sequence is beautifully done and hypnotic…


Here is the trailer for the film:


You must go out and buy this blu-ray to see the entire sequence, the movie as a whole, and all of the terrific extras!

Of course, the best reason to watch the film is because of star Brigitte Lahaie, who when she’s not brandishing a weapon is posing for photos like this:

She his a stunning beauty!

See more of her provocative career by clicking on my story here:


This should make you an instant Rollin fan. So, you have to see THIS:

The Living Dead Girl

This is one of his last films, and a real shocker. Here is the trailer:

“The Living Dead Girl” is a melancholy, moody bloodiest from 1982 – it is certainly Rollin’s bloodiest film…it’s the story of a young woman who comes back to life and needs human blood to survive…and you see lots and lots of that blood!

Living Dead Girl

the living dead girl nudity

Director Jean Rollin died in 2010, but all of these releases have extensive material with him, as he actively participated in these great remasters. He introduces some of the films, takes part in commentaries, and discusses his work with passion and pride, like this one:

“The Demoniacs” is a moody, bloody gem – mostly because it stars the incredible Joelle Coeur, who gives a mesmerizing performance:

A stunner! See more of her career by clicking on my story here:


What a collection of gorgeous women!

French Director Jean Rollin

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So bravo to Jean Rollin for giving us incredible visuals like the ones below!

Fascination nude horror movie

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