“Birdemic!” Brilliant Shocker Or Worst Movie EVER? “Who Will Survive” Watching It!?!


These Birds Will “Shock” You!

I love movies. ALL KINDS OF MOVIES. Therefore, I LOVE “BIRDEMIC!”

Let me explain, in case you haven’t seen this movie. Someone made this film. They are now officially a “film maker.” And You are not. So, credit must go where credit must go!


Have You Seen The Brilliant “Birdemic: Shock And Terror?”

Before I share some details, take a look at this trailer. Note the acting, the special effects, and the action again because it’s just that good!

Birdemic worst film ever

Thanks to Vice, you can now experience “Birdemic” in a whole new way – as they look into the making of this masterpiece of bad cinema!

Vice Birdemic documentary

“Vice” aired a great mini-documentary from Evan Husney that looked at the making of this film…here is what you need to know:

In January 2009, software salesman James Nguyen traveled to the Sundance Film Festival to self-promote his low-budget independent horror film “Birdemic: Shock and Terror.”

Birdemic James Nguyen

Yes, Nguyen knew how to get publicity, paying “homage” to Alfred Hitchcock’s promotional photo for “The Birds.” Who know if the filmmaker thought his film would be picked up by such an acclaimed film festival, but he DID take the film there!

When the film was, in fact, rejected by the Sundance Film Festival, according to IMDB:

“James Nguyen promoted his film by putting banners, fake blood, and fake birds all over his van. He would drive around to advertise until it caught the attention of Severin Films, which then distributed this film – and cinema history was made!”


Thanks to Severin films, you can own this to enjoy night after night after night!

Is it the worst film of all time? Well, the trailer lets you know what to expect, and what you should expect is a singular cinematic vision that may not be for all tastes, but worth checking out just for the “head-shaking” entertainment of it all!

Of course, Nguyen isn’t alone in his quest to become a movie Director – remember Tommy Wiseau?


“The Room” is widely considered the worst film ever made…but the fact is, he made it!

Greg Sestero The Room book

Actor Greg Sestero starred in “The Room”, had a fascinating friendship with the Director as well, and wrote a dynamite memoir about the making of the film…read about it here:


Finally, who are we to judge what a Director intends? For example, there was a Director who intended THIS:


That’s right, a Director came up with the idea of a severed flying skull that kills! You can see this, plus five more of the worst films ever made, by clicking here:


Let me know what you think of “Birdemic!”


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  1. I am glad that you watched ‘Birdemic’, John. That means I don’t have to. 🙂 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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