70’s Gritty Action Movie “Prime Cut!” Lee Marvin! Gene Hackman! Sissy Spacek’s VERY Revealing Debut!

“Gene Hackman Attacks Lee Marvin And Sissy Spacek With A Wheat Harvester!”

Here’s an action thriller you might like: it’s called Prime Cut”, a somewhat obscure and fascinating “B” movie from the early 70’s – with a VERY REVEALING movie debut from Sissy Spacek!

Yes, Spacek’s movie debut shows off a LOT of the Actress – like when she is held in a pig pen along with other naked women by Kansas City Mobster Gene Hackman:

I like to look back at some of cinema’s most interesting films, like this gritty crime drama starring two of Hollywood’s greatest stars: legendary “tough guy” Lee Marvin – who literally defined “cool as ice on camera”:

best 70's action films

Also in “Prime Cut” was one of the greatest Actors of his generation: Gene Hackman broke through in the classic film “Bonnie & Clyde”, then won his first Academy Award playing Popeye Doyle in 1971’s Best Picture “The French Connection.”

So imagine a film that brings these two legends together – add a couple of classic action sequences and Sissy Spacek’s “naked” motion picture debut as well!


Prime Cut!

Lee Marvin plays a mob enforcer who heads to Kansas City to collect money from Gene Hackman, who doesn’t want to pay…here’s a teaser:


Hackman plays a midwest mobster who also happens to run a cattle ranch – so he not only grinds his enemies into sausage, but runs a prostitution ring on the side…not a nice guy!

There is a scene where Marvin and Sissy Spacek are chased through a wheat field by a shredder…one of the great 70’s action sequences – and shows just how cool Lee Marvin can be in the worst of situations…

Marvin and Spacek have a great rapport in the film, as he takes on a “father figure” role to help her escape from the bad guys…

A couple of years before she catapulted to stardom in “Carrie”, Sissy Spacek co-stars, and does a great job in the role, including participating in the movie’s frequent nude scenes…

She would go onto stardom for her Oscar-nominated role in the classic horror film “Carrie” just a few years later…

This was Sissy Spacek’s feature film debut – and she got to work with two acting legends right out of the gate! Marvin and Gene Hackman have a number of great scenes together, a couple of tough guys chewing up the scenery in a great B-movie.

CALGARY – JUNE 28: PRIME CUT, theatrical movie originally released June 28, 1972. The film directed by Michael Ritchie. Pictured, from left to right, Gene Hackman (as Mary Ann) and Lee Marvin (as Nick Devlin). Frame grab. (Photo by CBS via Getty Images)

“Prime Cut” is one of the more obscure action movies of the early 70’s, but it delivers the goods!

If you want more from these two stars, don’t forget that Gene Hackman has been in everything from “The Poseidon Adventure” to “Superman!”

Here retired from acting several years ago, but here are ten of his greatest roles:


Lee Marvin was also a legend, like when he fought Ernest Borgnine on top of a moving train!

“Emperor Of The North” is a great 70’s film as well – check it out here:


Let me know if you’ve sen this “revealing” Sissy Spacek movie debut!

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  1. That was a great pairing of two tough guys in a very enjoyable film.
    Good call, John.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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