Celebrating Jill St. John! America’s First “Bond Girl!” 007’s Quirky Tiffany Case!

Meet Jill St. John – America’s First “Bond Girl”!

One of the many interesting aspects of the James Bond series is the “Bond Girl” – a beautiful co-star who gets involved with 007 in many different ways:


The “Bond Girl” has always been a part of the “retro” charm of the series – although they have messaged out that the latest Bond film will treat the “Bond Girl” with a different attitude…but for now, let’s go back 1971, when 007 got his first “American Bond Girl”, Tiffany Case!

tiffany_case jill st. john bond girl diamonds are forever

Yes, The First American “Bond Girl” Ever!

Jill St. John was a very successful Actress in the 60’s and 70’s, but is perhaps best known for her role as Bond girl Tiffany Case in “Diamonds Are Forever.”

Even though this was the 7th Bond film, it was the first that had this coveted role given to an American Actress!

Jill St. John Actress

Some Jill St. John Trivia!

Let’s get to know America’s first Bond Girl a bit better. As a young girl, St. John was a member of the Children’s Ballet Company – and one of her fellow dancers was Natalie Wood!

In 1957, at age 16, Universal Pictures signed St. John to a contract. She made dozens of films throughout the 60’s, and received a Best Actress Golden Globe nomination for “Come Blow Your Horn” opposite Frank Sinatra.

Actress Jill St. John

St. John’s most famous role was as “Bond Girl” Tiffany Case in the 1971 James Bond film “Diamonds Are Forever”, starred opposite Sean Connery, his last turn as 007 until “Never Say Never Again”, an “unofficial” Bond film.


America’s First Bond Girl!

As with many Bond girls before, St. John was outfitted in a variety of skimpy outfits, but the big difference between her and the others is that she was the first American to play a Bond girl!

I have posted about many of the previous Bond girls, like the first, Ursula Andress, who was known as “Ursula UNDRESS!”

There have been many great “Bond Girls”, and I told stories about many of them, which you can find by clicking here!


Now, back to more fascinating Jill St. John trivia…

Jill St. John nude

Jill’s Unique “Natalie Wood” Connection!

The other “Bond Girl” in “Diamonds Are Forever” was Lana Wood, who played “Plenty O’ Toole” in the film…

James Bond 007 Bond Girl Lana Wood

Jill St. John is now married to Robert Wagner, who had previously been married to the late Natalie Wood – yes, Lana’s sister! Natalie was also a member of St. John’s Children’s Ballet Company when they were growing up…talk about coincidences!

If you want to read more about Lana Wood – and see some more revealing photos and her legendary “swimming pool” moment in the film, you can click here:


As opposed to some of the earlier, mysterious Bond Girls, Jill St. John brought a much-needed level of goofiness to her role as Tiffany Case, with more depth and character than usual for a “Bond girl”…especially when she tried to help 007…although as you can see, her aim wasn’t so good!


After her Bond role, St. John acted in a number of movies and TV shows, and also posed for a variety of provocative pictures…

Jill St. John nude actress

Eventually, St. John tired of the business…and moved into an interesting area – Orchids!

Jill St. John today

St. John left Hollywood in the late 80’s and developed a handmade Angora sweater business, and became interested in orchid growing, skiing, hiking, river rafting, camping, and gardening! In 1987, she said:

“I’m a mountain gal now. I love the outdoors and I love harvesting and using fresh vegetables and herbs.”

Seinfeld yada yada episode

Jill St. John’s “Yada Yada” Moment!

Jill wasn’t done being in the cultural zeitgeist, however. Avid “Seinfeld” fans will remember her and Wagner as Mickey’s parents in the classic “Yada Yada” episode of the series!

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Bond girl jill st. john

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  1. I thought Lana Wood had her beat for eye-appeal at the time. 🙂
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