Jaw-Dropping Cult Gem “Sweet Trash”! Vinegar Syndrome’s Wild “Hang Up!” Director John Hayes Double Bill!

Want Some “Sweet Trash?” Of Course You Do!

I love Vinegar Syndrome, a terrific home video company that lovingly restores some of the most offbeat cult films of our time, including this double bill from 1970, courtesy of Director John Hayes!

Hayes began his career in the 1950s producing and directing short films. In 1959, he was nominated for an Academy Award for the short film “The Kiss!”

However, my first exposure to the Director was this double bill that Vinegar Syndrome released, and all I can say is:


Here is the plot as summed up beautifully by IMDB:

Down on his luck alcoholic longshoreman Michael Joseph Donovan finds himself in deep trouble after he racks up a huge debt to some vicious local mobsters. Donovan decides to go on the run, which only compounds the severity of his already dire situation. While on the lam Donovan has surreal encounters with various lusty ladies and colorful eccentrics from the slummy neighborhood he resides in.

First of all, here is the trailer for “Sweet Trash.” Two points: one, it offers virtually NO plot points, preferring to focus solely on the extensive nudity and softcore sex scenes in the film like this one that opens the film:

As such, my second point is to warn you that this trailer has ALL of the nudity from the film, so there’s plenty on display!

Here you go:

William Connors stars as the loan shark hired to get the money that’s due. He finds plenty of time to sleep with women as he goes about his business.

Duncan McLoud is the longshoreman who tries to stay out of sight, but that determined hit man won’t stop until he finds him! As you saw from the trailer, both find plenty of time to have sex as well!

One scene in particular is “must see to be believed”: an exotic dancer “entertains” a bar before taking the longshoreman back to his place for some action – and bravo to Vinegar Syndrome for the pristine quality of this film:


The Hit Man is a strange character – he regrets his life, as you can see from his sullen demeanor, but still finds plenty of time for sex!

Director Hayes ends with a wildly atmospheric scene – I don’t want to give it away, but let’s say that you will be glad you took this journey.

The co-feature “The Hang Up” has lots of nudity and sexual situations as well, but “Sweet Trash” is the star here!

Hayes directed a number of other films as well, including “The Cut-Throats” and “Mama’s Dirty Girls” – perhaps his greatest cinematic achievement was 1972’s “Grave Of The Vampire.”

One of his last film’s was the “subtly titled” gem – “Jailbait Babysitter”.

Hayes died in 2000, but left behind some wild films that have been lovingly restored by Vinegar Syndrome!

I’ve posted other stories about this great company before, because they keep releasing vintage films from the grind house era that would otherwise be lost to time:

See more of them by clicking here:


Time to get some “Sweet Trash”!

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  1. I loved both those trailers, John. Sweet Trash looks like a big-budget porn film, and is a classic of the genre from the 70s indeed.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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