The “Queen Of Artsploitation” Christina Lindberg Speaks! Great New Interview And Look At Her Career!

“I wanted to be more than just my body”

With those words, the “Queen Of Artsploitation” Christina Lindberg dives into an in-depth conversation about her incredible career!

Lindberg burst on the scene with a series of provocative films int eh early 70’s from Europe – “adult” films that broke all the rules and were massive hits – movies like these:

As you can see, Lindberg wasn’t afraid to put it all out there, but as she said, she wanted to be known for more…and that was difficult for her, as she told “Cineuropa” in a great NEW interview!

Lindberg starred in such films as “Exposed”, “Anita” and “Sex & Fury”, which was filmed in Japan…

Through it all, she willingly “bared it all”, but realized that was overshadowing her goal to be taken seriously as an Actress:

“By that time, I had made around 20 movies, and all the directors were joking that the only person taking this job seriously was Christina Lindberg.”

The Cineuropa interview is great because it also touches on Quentin Tarantino’s use of her “Thriller: A Cruel Picture” character as the inspiration for Daryl Hannah’s character in “Kill Bill.”

She is also candid about why she stopped acting and took a hilarious turn as a journalist – with no inhibitions!

“Then I came back to make Anita with Torgny, but once we started to work on The Intruders my partner became extremely jealous so I decided to stop. I took acting lessons but failed at the end and turned to writing instead. At first I did some “sauna” articles. I would do profiles of well-known people, they would take off their clothes, I would take off mine and pretended to write – right there in the sauna!”

The interview is terrific – bravo to “Cineuropa” for the intelligent conversation about her career – you can see all of it here:

Now, speaking of her classic films:

The shot on the right above is, of course, from her classic “Thriller: A Cruel Picture.”

Oh wait, it’s from her film “They Call Her One-Eye.”

No, it’s from her movie “Hooker’s Revenge.” Guess what’s – it’s all of them!

Click here to read all about the multiple releases of this film under different names and posters!

Click here:

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Bravo to Christina for her latest projects and her status as the “Queen Of Artsploitation!”

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  1. She certainly qualified as a ‘sex-kitten’ back then! I noticed a famous name on the ‘Anita’ film poster too. Stellan Skarsgard!
    Best wishes, Pete.


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