“A Labor Of Love” Labor Day Documentary! Behind-The-Scenes Of An “Adult” Film That Wasn’t!

Young actress: “I felt like an animal. I’d never do something like this again.”

Truth Is Stranger Than Porn!

It’s Labor Day here in the US as I post this, so we are going to talk about the laborious nature of making dirty movies!

I am going to take a look at an obscure documentary about an attempt to make an adult film in the 70’s!

As the Director says about his financial backers in the documentary:

“They wanted 80% sex. I said 20%; after that, you know, it gets boring.”

Here is a fascinating documentary AND a legendary “forgotten” film from the 70’s that look at love – and the art of capturing it on film – it’s just as hard as it looks!

This Documentary Is Indeed “A Labor Of Love!”

“A Labor Of Love” tells the story of wannabe film makers who decided to document their porn efforts!

Here is the trailer for the movie – although it is more a collection of short snippets from the film than an actual trailer – take a look:


The “A Labor Of Love” documentary filmmakers wanted to capture a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of “The Last Affair”, an independent drama that was to feature several explicit sex scenes.

As Rogerebert.com noted in their review of the film:

“There is a sympathy and a wistfulness here that speaks for the entire enterprise. The people connected with the movie are not depraved degenerates and dope-crazed hookers. They seem to be ordinary, likable people, pitching in to make the movie as good as it can be, given its limitations. The director explains bow he took a stand with the financial backers: “They wanted 80-per cent sex. I said 20 per cent — after that, you know, it gets boring.” Yes. But even the 20 per cent can’t stand up to the introduction of that subversive word “love.”

That battle ultimately destroyed the film.

After the financial backers had a change of heart, “The Last Affair” was released in an “R”-rated version, without the sex scenes that the documentary shows being filmed – and which appeared to be clearly hardcore, although we get only a hint of that – and the film quickly faded away.

Now, thanks to Vinegar Syndrome, the movie lives on.

Included in the cast of “The Last Affair” were popular character actor Ron Dean (The Dark Knight, Rudy, Code of Silence) and actress/director Betty Thomas, who went on to star in the TV series “Hill Street Blues” and direct the Howard Stern biopic “Private Parts.”


Important note: Neither of those Actors were involved in any of the sex scenes, but both performers can be seen very briefly in this “A Labor of Love” documentary, so they had some involvement in the film – we just don’t see that in this cut.

This is a fascinating look at the film-making process, especially when sex is involved!

There are a few scenes that are X-rated in this film, so be warned, but it mostly shows the unglamorous world of low-budget moviemaking. Perhaps the actress in the film captured it best with this quote:

Young actress: “I felt like an animal. I’d never do something like this again.”


As I mentioned, this was ultimately released without any of the X-rated sex scenes…it’s not unusual – remember that S & M softcore film that legendary Actor Christopher Lee made?

Oh, except he had no idea the sex scenes were in the film, they were added after he filmed!

Here’s that unique story if you are interested in knowing more:


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Let me know if you’ve ever heard of “A Labor Of Love”!

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  1. Interesting indeed, John. I hadn’t heard of this one. I used to like Betty Thomas in ‘Hill St Blues’. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Great article. I really enjoy all your posts.

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