The “Confessions” Of Cult Horror Star Judy Matheson! A Great Career Including “Lust For A Vampire!”

Time To Celebrate British Actress Judy Matheson!

I love classic horror films, and posting about them led me to have a fun “twitter” conversation with the great cult film Actress Judy Matheson!

First, the quick backstory: as part of my annual Halloween countdown of horror films a couple of years back, I shared a look at the Hammer horror trilogy that included “Lust For A Vampire”, “The Vampire Lovers” and “Twins Of Evil”…

These are great early 70’s gothic horror films, and I shared a story about them on Twitter, and got a response from Judy Matheson herself! Read the conversation from the bottom up – you’ll get the idea!

“Er, Excuse Me?” Judy Jarvis Speaks Out!

Yes, Judy Jarvis IS Judy Matheson, and after I posted my link to my story, she reminded me – very nicely – that she was in two of those films! She was gracious and funny in our interaction, and after revising my post, it made me want to share more of Judy’s great cinematic story!

Judy Matheson got her start working in a variety of British TV shows before landing some great movie roles in the 60’s and 70’s:

Her first film was “The Chairman” with the legendary Gregory Peck. She also starred in “The Exquisite Cadaver” with Capucine, which was the Spanish entry at the San Sebastian Film Festival.

What I originally failed to notice was that in the early ’70s, she appeared in the classic Hammer Horror films “Lust for a Vampire” and “Twins of Evil.”

These are two great Hammer horror films, as the studio was trying to “modernize” their approach to horror with more erotic subtext and bloody violence, while still adhering to the gothic approach to their films.

Here is the trailer for “Lust For A Vampire”:

Judy followed her role up with “Twins Of Evil”, the last film in the trilogy…another great gothic horror film from Hammer:

Here is the trailer:

Judy’s character had some problems in “Twins Of Evil”, unfortunately – as you can see, she didn’t fare well at the end of the movie:

Matheson went on to star in a number of cult classics in the years that followed, including “The Flesh and Blood Show”:

this is a gritty little thriller: a group of Actors moved into an abandoned theater to rehearse a play..and they get to know each other as well:

Soon, the Actors begin to disappear one by one…I will be sharing more about this film soon – but Judy is one of the stars of the film and does a great job!

Matheson was also in “The House that Vanished”, with a poster that evoked the “it’s only a movie” art of the US shocker “Last House On The Left”.

Here is a short TV trailer for this film:

“Crucible of Terror” and “Confessions of a Window Cleaner” followed – as you can see Matheson was starring in some of the most popular films of the era.

Robin Askwith starred in these films, and it was a reunion for Robin and Judy, since they were both in “The Flesh And Blood Show” – these “Confessions” sex comedies were hugely popular, and if you don’t know these “Confessions Of…” films, they are certainly “of their time.” See more about them here:

Judy was also in this provocatively titled british sex comedy:

“It’s Not The Size That Counts” from 1974 is, as the poster states clearly, a goofy sex comedy that evokes the “Confessions Of…” films as well!

Matheson’s career not only included cult films, but television as well like “Crossroads” and “The Sweeney”!

According to wikipedia, in 1981 Matheson became a TV continuity announcer for TVS, and in 1990 she was part of the launch team for British Satellite Broadcasting, later to become BSkyB.

She also was a continuity announcer for Carlton Television and London Weekend Television – so she was busy!

Judy Matheson – Now Judy Jarvis!

At one point, Judy Matheson transitioned to her new last name of Jarvis, but is just as active in entertainment – she still attends film conventions and Hammer Film events, so fans can meet her and hear stories from her about her career.

She also recently took part, with friend and fellow Hammer actress Caroline Munro, in a short spoof horror film ‘Frankula’ produced by The Misty Moon Film Society, of which she is an Honorary Patron.

What a great double bill! Caroline Munro has also had a great career! If you want to know more about Munro – who was a Bond girl as well, see her story here:

Finally, Judy just posted an update on her Facebook page:

The Actress is taking part in a new box set of Mary Millington movies being overseen by Millington’s Biographer, Producer Simon Sheridan…look for this to be released by the holiday season!

Bravo Judy on your incredible career!

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So kudos to Judy Matheson, now Judy Jarvis…what a great collection of films and a terrific career!

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  1. Love this pictorial tribute, Judy’s a lovely woman, she always makes time to answer your tweets and in a lovely way too. I interviewed her this year (got part 2 coming out soon).. she’s such a star.

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  2. She seems to still be a genuine and fun lady. And who doesn’t love the ‘lesbian vampire trilogy’?
    Great tribute, John.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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