“Lusty” Vampire Yutte Stensgaard! Iconic 70’s “Hammer” Horror Sex Kitten!

Lust For A Vampire nudity

Meet Yutte Stensgaard!

The name might not roll off the tongue, but this Actress had a short and red hot career in the early 70’s, with one of the most iconic horror images from that time, thanks to legendary Horror studio Hammer Films:


The Making Of A 70’s Sex Kitten!

Stensgaard starred in Hammer Films’ early 70’s erotic vampire thriller “Lust For A Vampire.”

First, a little backstory: the Actress got her start in the late 60’s, in what could be called “Swinging London” – this gives you a good idea of the times:


It’s right out of “Austin Powers!” Stensgaard had small roles in a slew of films including the Bulldog Drummond film “Some Girls Do” in 1969, as well as “If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium” the same year…


Her first horror film was opposite Vincent Price in “Scream and Scream Again”, and she also appeared in the low-budget 1969 sci-fi sex comedy “Zeta One” – and as you can see was not shy onscreen…



Lust For A Vampire

Stensgaard’s most famous role is that of the vampire Carmilla in Hammer film’s cult horror film “Lust For A Vampire”.

This film features Yutte in one of the most iconic photos of that era of horror:


Interestingly, these production stills are somewhat more graphic than what is shown in the movie, but it made Stensgaard a popular sex kitten at the time.

This was a huge box office success upon release in 1971, and the film included the credit “introducing Yutte Stensgaard”, even though she had made previous movies.

Check out the trailer:


“Lust For A Vampire” was the second film in what is known as the “Karnstein Trilogy” – since the lead character is Carmilla Karnsein. The first film in the trilogy was “The Vampire Lovers” and it was followed by “Twins of Evil”, but only this film starred Yutte.

Yutte Stensgaard left acting in 1972, moved to the U.S., and for years refused to discuss her acting career.


Ultimately, she was tracked down by a Danish horror fan and eventually agreed to an interview, which was published in the terrific genre magazine “Video Watchdog.”


Yutte Stensgaard may not be that well known outside of cult horror circles, but those films live on…


Stensgaard isn’t the only sex kitten in 70’s cinema to drop out of show business…remember the star of “The Sinful Dwarf?”


Anne Sparrow never made another film after her screen debut in this movie, and dropped completely out of sight after starring in this wild slice of Euro-Sleaze!

The Sinful Dwarf blu-ray

Here’s a look at the classic Euro-sleaze of “The Sinful Dwarf”, and the disappearance of actress Anne Sparrow:


Many other sex kittens of that era embraced their early roles and have gone on to have unique careers…case in point: Uschi Digard!

Uschi Digard nude films

Digard starred in some of Russ Meyers’ wildest films, and ended up with a cameo in the classic “Kentucky Fried Movie” as well!

See more about this terrific cult film star here:


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Bravo to all of these 70’s Actresses. Let me know if you’ve seen any of Yutte Stensgaard’s films!


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  1. I think I have seen most if not all of Yutte’s films. She truly was a swinging sixties sex-kitten, and very well-known in Britain. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. “Full Moon Virgin” Erika Blanc ! “Shocktober 2022” Comes “Out Of The Grave!” – JR-Sploitation!

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