Celebrate These “Machete Maidens”! Terrific Documentary Films In The Philippines With No Regard For Life!

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Time To Celebrate These “Unleashed” Machete Maidens!

You like cult cinema? Then do I have a terrific documentary for you – one that tells the story of the booming Philippine film industry in the 70’s and 80’s, when empowered women kicked ass overseas!

Look at these posters! They are perfect examples of the type of film that was very popular in american movie theaters. These low-budget films were filled with three things:

“Breasts, Blood and Beasts!”

Meet The “Machete Maidens Unleashed!”

I love films that look at unique eras in film, and this one does just that!

The documentary takes an indepth look at one of the wildest “anything goes” eras in film – the filmmaking boom in the Philippines! The movie is full of great movie clips and very candid interviews with a ton of people who worked on these films, such as Director John Landis, Producer Roger Corman, Director Joe Dante, and a slew of great actors from the era, including Pam Grier and more!

Here is the slightly NSFW trailer:

It all began with “women in prison” pictures – low budget exploitation films that showed what happened when innocent women were put in prison – and guess what? Since it was so cheap to shoot in the Philippines, why not imprison them there!

Yes, this documentary explains how Pam Grier was discovered, and starred in several films shot in the Philippines – the documentary has some great anecdotes, and a short interview with Grier as well…see more about her early films here:


These movies were shot in the Philippines for a reason – everything was dirt cheap, and there were virtually no safety standards whatsoever!

These movies promised lots of action, and nudity as well – as one person in the film admits: these “women in prison” movies allowed the convicts two showers a day – and of course, both were shown in the film!

Director Jack Hill made several films in the Philippines and has hilarious stories about his experiences – he also made several with Pam Grier, including the one that started it all:

The film discusses Producer Roger Corman extensively – he was behind many of these films, and he is interviewed as well – he made a lot of films in the Philippines during the 70’s – and all of them had shower scenes!

The documentary also talks about how Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos enticed filmmakers to come to his country – in fact, his wife loved movies!

There is a lot of great footage of Imelda in this documentary, and it talks about one of the country’s biggest – and smallest – stars, Weng Weng!

There is a great documentary about the life and films of Weng Weng, and guess what?

Amazingly, Imelda Marcos is interviewed in the film!

See more about thew world’s smallest action hero, Weng Weng, by clicking here:


“Machete Maidens Unleashed” is a great story about filmmaking – and how one country bent over backwards to bring Hollywood to them!

They talk about the incredibly dangerous stunts that were done – with no rules or safety standards of any kind – which is why these films look so raw!

The film spends some time showing a bit of the chaos surrounding the filming of “Apocalypse Now” there – as the Army gave Director Francis Ford Coppola military helicopters for the film!

Also interviewed in the film is R Lee Ermey, who was the military advisor to Coppola and has some choice words about the “Apocalypse Now” shoot – he is candid as always, and just a few years later, became a star because of his role in “Full Metal Jacket”.

This documentary is packed with great interview, movie clips and stories about the “wild wild west” of filmmaking, which happened to be in The Philippines!

Yes, to me the wildest of them all was “Bare Behind Bars” – if you haven’t seen this “women in prison” picture, get ready to have your mind blown and your eyes melt!

Click to see the trailer here:


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“Machete Maidens Unleashed” is a great film for cult movie lovers, so check it out!

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  1. That looks like a cool documentary, John. The films are hilarious!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I have to see this documentary! I have to admit to having seen most of these films at either the drive-in or in the urban houses of grind (especially the uncensored “Bare Behind Bars”), but take the Fifth on remembering the shower scenes as I’m sure I was concentrating on the literary subtext.

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