“Strip Nude” For “Giallo Queen” Edwige Fenech! “Shocktober” Day #5 Slices Up The Horror!

Want To “Strip Nude” With Giallo Queen Edwige Fenech?

Well, that’s a dumb question I know – of course you do!

For Shocktober Day 5, I want to head to Italy for some wild “gallo” shockers that starred one of cinema’s most beautiful actresses!

Fenech got her start with sexy Italian comedies with titles like
“All Naked and Warm” and “Giovannona Long-Thigh”…you get the idea:

As you can see, the camera loved her, and after these sex comedies, the Actress begin appearing in some of Italy’s most shocking thrillers, known as “Giallos”:

The word “Giallo” is Italian for “yellow” and stems from the origin of the genre as a series of cheap paperback mystery novels with trademark yellow covers, like this:

Edwige was in some of the biggest “Giallo” hits of the 70’s, like
“The Seducers”, “Five Dolls for an August Moon”, “The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh”, “Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key”, “All the Colors of the Dark” and “The Case of the Bloody Iris!”

Yet this one, to me, had the greatest “Giallo” title ever!

Strip Nude For Your Killer!

How can you not LOVE that title?

“Strip Nude for Your Killer” delivers exactly what the title implies; generous doses of sex, utterly gratuitous nudity, and abundant scenes of explicit violence.

This original Italian poster even hints at the yellow “Giallo” book cover…

Sounds like a perfect film for “Shocktober 2019!”

Here is the trailer:

Here’s the plot: a hedonistic cast of characters linked to a modeling agency are being violently killed off one by one.

Since she is a Model, Edwige must change a lot, but she also parades around in a bikini for long periods of time as well:

As the killings mount, Edwige does some crime solving of her own – when she’s not changing her bikini…

All of the essential “Giallo” trademarks are in place: the faceless leather-gloved killer, mysterious phone calls with cryptic muffled warnings, and as always, the screeching black car appearing out of nowhere!

Along with gruesome elaborate murder sequences, and of course the requisite “surprise” ending in which “all” is neatly explained.

That’s what makes “Giallo” a great horror genre: a “Halloween”-style killer who terrorizes naked women until one of them fights back!

After her run of Giallos, Edwige Fenech became a television personality, and she also co-produced 2004’s “The Merchant of Venice” with Al Pacino.


Quentin Tarantino asked her to star in “Hostel: Part II”, and he named the character of Lt. Ed Fenech in “Inglourious Basterds in her honor!

I am celebrating “Shocktober” all month long, and if you want to honor a “Scream Queen”, it all began here:

Yes, Jamie Lee Curtis set the modern standard, and here are two of the films that cemented her reputation:


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  1. Edwige had a great face for that type of film, it has to be said. The trailer is hilarious, with the bad dubbing, and screechy soundtrack. Thanks for featuring her, John.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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