Shocktober Day #15 Has A “Fascination” With Sex Kitten Brigitte Lahaie! The Semi-Clad Scythe Wielding Horror Queen!

I Have A “Fascination” With Brigitte Lahaie!

Shocktober Day #15 is going to focus on one film that absolutely blew me away – beginning with this image:

Brigitte Swings A Big Scythe!

When I saw this image, I had to see the movie – it’s 1979’s “Fascination”, directed by Jean Rollin…and it’s available on DVD!

The film stars Brigitte Lahaie, who is simply mesmerizing in the movie…but her path to movies was a unique one…

Brigitte started working in the adult film industry in 1976, one year after the legalization of hardcore pornography in France, and Lahaie eventually was in more than one hundred erotic films.

Interestingly, Jean Rollin directed her in an adult film called” Sensual Vibrations” in 1976, and noticed Lahaie’s “distinctly different personality,” as he later recalled, and thought she had “incredible charisma.”

“Fascination” is set in 1905, when a thief seeks refuge in a castle owned by two women, who turn out to be part of a vampiric cult of blood-drinking aristocrats!

Here’s a trailer for a special live musical accompaniment of the film, and gives you a good sense of the moody, erotic horror in display:

Jean Rollin is a fascinating filmmaker: his movies are somewhat slow moving, moody, and filled with lots of nudity and blood…

The movie has gained a huge following over the years, and it’s definitely worth a look, if only to see Brigitte!

Lahaie has had quite an eclectic career, including releasing original music:

In 1987 she recorded and released the single “Caresse tendresse” (“Caress tenderness”).

Lahaie also published several books, and has been the focus of books as well.

She was a captivating Model and Actress, and now lives outside Paris.

“Fascination” is just one of the great Jean Rollin films that you should check out…here’s another one:

He’s got a number of great horror films – click here to see the trailers for many of them:

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9 replies

  1. She was certainly good to look at, John. Brigitte deserves her ‘sex-kitten’ title!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. You and I share some of the same aesthetic interests when it comes to 70’s and 80’s actresses.

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  3. Hi John

    I’ve been a journalist in cinema (written press and TV for Canal +) for 35 years and during that period i collected many movie stills.
    Are you interested in photos of Brigitte Lahaie ? I can send them through “We Transfer”. I’m not asking anything, i just like the people who care about what we call in France “Le Cinema Bis”.


  4. Her brests are amazing!

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  5. Fav Jean Rollin film is Zombie Lake, nah probably not though I do love it for a good laugh. Probably The Naked Vampire or Shiver of the vampire’s, Schoolgirl Hitchhikers is hilarious fun though,



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