Olivia Hussey’s In A Deadly “Black Christmas”! Shocktober Day #18 Has Her “Turkey Shoot” Shocker Too!



What a great tagline for Shocktober day #18 – a classic horror film with a great star, Olivia Hussey!

large black christmas 74 blu-ray4

The Cult Classic “Black Christmas!”

This classic 70’s horror film was rediscovered thanks to home video, because “Black Christmas” is a tight, vicious horror thriller that is one of my top five horror films of all time!

Olivia Hussey stars as a college student who remains in her sorority over the holidays…obviously not a good idea…

Let’s look at the original trailer, which is not only lengthy at four minutes, but scary as hell as well:

great horror films

The plot is straightforward: It’s time for Christmas break, and a group of sorority sisters make plans for the holiday – but then the horrifying anonymous phone calls begin.

Editorial use only. No book cover usage.

Hussey starred in “Romeo & Juliet”, but this film is no love story…one of the reasons the film works so well is that her performance is so grounded in reality – she is very much like Jamie Lee Curtis in “Halloween” – empowered women who fight back against evil…

Margot Kidder also stars as one of Olivia’s sorority sisters, and she’s got a wicked sense of humor and an acid tongue…this was just prior to her breakout role as Lois Lane in “Superman”…


What A Cast!

Kier Dullea also stars in the movie – Dullea of course was in Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece, “2001: A Space Odyssey…”

Great character Actor John Saxon also stars – action movie fans will always remember him showcasing his kung fu moves in the Bruce Lee classic “Enter The Dragon.”


“Black Christmas” Fan Steve Martin!

Around 1986, Olivia Hussey met Steve Martin for a role in “Roxanne”, and Martin said “Oh my God Olivia, you were in one of my all time favorite films”. Hussey assumed it was her role in “Romeo and Juliet” – but she was surprised to find out it was “Black Christmas!” Martin claimed he had seen it over 20 times!


If you need more, Hussey has another shocker in her resume as well…the terrific sci-fi thriller “Turkey Shoot”:

This futuristic “women in prison” thriller includes a nude scene with Hussey – because in these films, the prisoners ALWAYS shower:

Hussey would also appear nude in the classic film “Romeo & Juliet”:

I hope you are enjoying these Shocktober “Cult Horror Queens” – some well known, some lesser, some legendary like Ingrid Pitt:

Nothing better for an erotic horror film than bathing in blood – see the film she starred in by clicking on the story here:

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Bravo to Olivia Hussey for her terrific performance in “Black Christmas”, on my list of greatest Halloween shockers of all!

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  1. Black Christmas is indeed a classic in the genre.
    And those ‘shower scenes’ are always laughingly predictable. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.



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