Tiffany Shepis Battles The “Chainsaw Cheerleaders!’ I Take Tiffany Back To A James Gunn-Led Tromatic Cannes Film Festival!

I’m Possessed By Tiffany Shepis!

I have a personal connection to this great Cult Movie Queen, because I filmed with her and Troma at the beginning of her career!

Yes, that’s me in the middle of a motley collection of Troma characters – AND Tiffany!

I will share that terrific memory, but first, we have to celebrate this Cult Movie Queen by showcasing one of her horrific films!

Tiffany has made over 100 independent films in her career, and I could discuss many of them, but chose to focus on two – AND I will share my history with Shepis and James Gunn at the Cannes Film Festival, so let’s get going with a movie that has TWO of the best taglines ever!

They Traded Their Pom Moms for Power Tools!

How can you argue with that? I love this tagline – oh wait, I love the other tagline they used even more!

“Two…Four…Six…Eight – Who Will They Decapitate?”

Bravo to the marketing team behind “Chainsaw Cheerleaders” – those are both terrific!

A website described the film this way:

When the cheering stops, the SCREAMING starts! A demonic 500 year old witch is on the loose, looking for fresh souls to possess. Now only one thing stands between her and the ultimate apocalypse … CHAINSAW CHEERLEADERS!!!

This is a low-budget horror effort from Writer/Director Donald Farmer, and Tiffany puts on quite a show!

Here is the trailer for the film:

I applaud the entire creative team in front of, and behind the camera…low budget filmmaking should be supported so we have more cult cinema…

Speaking of that: Tiffany also stars in a fun documentary about one of cult cinema’s most famous gatherings:

I discovered “UnConventional” thanks to the legendary Pete Chiarella AKA 42nd Street Pete.

As described on a website:

“The story of the weekend is told through the eyes of six different people, each a representative of the sorts that the Chiller-Con attracts: Gunnar Hansen, the original man behind the mask; Tiffany Shepis, a scream queen on the rise; Bob Gonzo, a “micro-budget” filmmaker; two rabid fans; and one of the key men who helps run the convention.”

Pete Chiarella hosts and does narration, but Tiffany is the star of this piece: she shares a lot of intimate moments and candid memories of life at one of the world’s most entertaining conventions.

Tiffany has so many other films to celebrate, like the SYFY hit “Abominable”, “The Hazing”, “Nightmare Man” and the multi-award winning “The Frankenstein Syndrome”!

Tiffany got her start in the classic Troma film “Tromeo & Juliet” – written by James Gunn!

I was at the Cannes Film Festival when Lloyd Kaufman and his Troma team were up for any shenanigans…

Tiffany Shepis on the left and James Gunn on the right were always ready to film special stunts with us at E! to capture the craziness of Cannes…we had a lot of fun with them, and they are terrific people!

If you want to see the best documentary about the pomp, circumstance, and sordid underbelly that is Cannes, “All The Love You Cannes” is the movie for you!

Places like Cannes are crucial to an independent studio like Troma – they attract international buyers, they get screenings for their films – as well as lots of press.

The Troma Team is willing to try every stunt imaginable to get a little publicity, including walking the streets of Cannes dressed as various Troma heroes, staging lesbian make-out sessions, hilariously crashing Jean-Claude Van Damme’s “press conference,” where JCVD shows up for about 2 seconds.

And my wife Alex created a Troma character with James Gunn and Lloyd Kaufman –

Yes, “Dolphinman” was created AT the Cannes Film Festival – click here to see the origins of “Dolphinman!”

James Gunn! The Origin Of Troma’s “DolphinMan”! Wrestlers V. Zombies! New Tromatic Classics!

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Leave a comment with your favorite Tiffany Shepis film!

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  1. Reblogged this on johnrieber and commented:

    Celebrating Shocktober with a look at my friend Tiffany Shepis – here great career as a “Cult Movie Queen” and our “Tromatic” Cannes Film Festival connection with James Gunn!


  2. I enjoyed learning about these horror movies, John. The idea of wtiyng and filming from multiply POV is not new, but it is hard to do well. Of course, Stephen King is a master at this.


    • Robbie, thanks for reading…I use this site just for cult cinema – sometimes mainstream, sometimes classic exploitation movies front eh 60’s and 70’s that helped break censorship boundaries that existed at the time…and usually played in seedy movie theaters and American drive-ins…a unique time in cinema that has a lot of fans but isn’t for everyone to be sure! Thanks for commenting!


  3. Nice to see a personal connection with a cult movie actress, John. Tiffany looks like a lot of fun, and very sexy too!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • We had a great time making fun content at Cannes, and I have stayed in regular touch with James Gunn as well – and bravo to him for making a terrific “Guardians OF The Galaxy” series of films! Thanks as always for commenting Pete!

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