Cult Movie Queen Judy Matheson Has “Vampire Lust!” Shocktober Day #20 Has “Twins Of Evil” Star!

British Actress Judy Matheson “Lusts” For Cult Horror!

I love classic horror films, and the British owned the genre in the early 70’s, thanks to Hammer Studios and “Cult Horror Queens” like Judy Matheson!

Matheson got her start working in a variety of British TV shows before landing some great movie roles in the 60’s and 70’s – I link to those at the end of the story, but let’s get to her great horror roles in the 70’s:

Matheson had a run of great horror roles, including the classic Hammer Horror films “Lust for A Vampire” and “Twins of Evil.”

These are two great Hammer horror films, as the studio was trying to “modernize” their approach to horror with more erotic subtext and bloody violence, while still adhering to the gothic approach to their films.

Here is the trailer for “Lust For A Vampire”:

Nothing beats a film that focuses on finding the blood of nubile virgins…and since Hammer was willing to push the envelope, this gothic horror tale is very erotic as well.

Judy followed her role up with “Twins Of Evil”, another great gothic horror film from Hammer:

Here is the trailer:

The movie is a fun horror ride, as one twin struggles to stay good as the other becomes pure evil.

Judy’s character had some problems in “Twins Of Evil”, unfortunately – as you can see, she didn’t fare well at the end of the movie:

Matheson went on to star in a number of cult horror films like “The Flesh and Blood Show”, “The House that Vanished” AKA “Scream and Die” and “Crucible of Terror”…

Matheson was also in “The House that Vanished”, with a poster that evoked the “it’s only a movie” art of the US shocker “Last House On The Left”.

Here is a short TV trailer for this film:

Judy Matheson – Now Judy Jarvis!

At one point, Judy Matheson transitioned to her new last name of Jarvis, but is just as active in entertainment – she still attends film conventions and Hammer Film events, so fans can meet her and hear stories from her about her career.

She also recently took part, with friend and fellow Hammer actress Caroline Munro, in a short spoof horror film ‘Frankula’ produced by The Misty Moon Film Society, of which she is an Honorary Patron.

Of course, Munro was also part of “Shocktober” – see her classic horror thrillers by clicking on my story here:

The duo recently reunited for a live reading of the never-produced “Vampirella” script!

they both look terrific! I took this picture from Judy’s Facebook fan page – where she posts a lot of great pics of her appearances – “like” her page here!

There is so much more to Matheson’s career – like the sex farce “Can You Keep It Up For A Week?”

She starred in so many great films and TV shows. Click on my link here to see more of her career highlights!

Bravo Judy on your incredible career!

I have been celebrating a “Cult Horror Queen” for all #31daysofhalloween – yesterday I shared some stories about the great Tiffany Shepis!

Shepis has been in more than a hundred films, and I’ve got a few fun ones to share, including her Tromatic experience at the Canens Film Festival with James Gunn and all of us from E!

Click here to see how we created the “Dolphinman” character with Troma and James!

If you like these stories, go to my website’s front page and sign on to follow me – there are NO ads at all, just lots of stories to come about the wild world of exploitation and cult films!

Click here and see the “follow” button on the upper right!

So kudos to Judy Matheson, now Judy Jarvis…what a great collection of horror films!

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    #31daysofhalloween features this legendary British Actress who was featured in some classic, gothic English horror!


  2. I have not heard of these films, John, but I do like older Gothic movies. Your pictures are very alluring.

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    • Robbie, these cult films celebrate an era of filmmaking that doesn’t exist any longer, and I am trying to celebrate 31 cult movie Queens who made a huge impact in cult cinema…thanks for reading! Judy is incredible…still does a whole bunch of stuff and was just at an event where she shared pics with her good friend Helen Mirren!

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  3. Crucible of Terror is an underrated horror film, John. Camp, and good fun too. Mike Raven was also a very popular radio DJ during the 1960s.
    Judy still looks great, and it’s nice to see her continuing to work.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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