The Shocking Horror Classic “Carrie”! Buckets Of Pig’s Blood And Sissy Spacek In The Shower!


Time For A Halloween Horror Classic!

I am finishing up “Shocktober” 2021 on a cinematic high note, with the second greatest horror film ever made – and my Halloween day tradition.

More than a great horror film, “Carrie” is a beautifully made movie, which began as a Stephen King novel – his first novel in fact!

Carrie-best horror film

Classic “Carrie!”

In 1976, Director Brian DePalma took a very young cast – including Sissy Spacek, John Travolta and Nancy Allen – and made a classic film that stands the test of time, and is Oscar-nominated Star Sissy Spacek’s only true horror film!


1976’s “Carrie” is more than a great horror film – it’s classic cinema from a master filmmaker – let’s look first at the trailer for “Carrie”:

best horror film

“Carrie” is a master class in filmmaking. I mean, how can you top this opening credits sequence, when Carrie takes a shower after gym class and has her first period – but doesn’t know what is happening, because her Mother never told her…


After her class mates taunt her about her horrified reaction, the story follows a dual path: both “good” and “bad” girls at school have plans for Carrie.

At the same time, Carries discovers that she is “gifted”, and as events unfold, you realize that you really don’t want to get her angry.


Travolta’s Smarmy Supporting Role!

John Travolta broke out big in a small role as Billy Nolen, a punk who just wants to make his girlfriend, Chris Hargenson, happy. Chris is played by DePalma favorite Nancy Allen. Their big dramatic scene takes place underneath the stage where Carrie White is about to be crowned homecoming queen:


Billy Nolen: “Keep the light straight!
Chris Hargenson: [blood drops onto the flashlight] Watch it, you stupid shit, you’re getting blood all over the place!
Billy Nolen: [starts laughing] Who are you calling a stupid shit? I mean you can’t even keep that fuckin’ light straight
Chris Hargenson: [whines] Just hurry up, I wanna go home!
Billy Nolen: [drawls] Yes, Ma’am! We’re doing the BEST we can, we sure are!
Billy Nolen: Just keep your tits on, and I’ll let you pull the rope!
Chris Hargenson: I intend to!
Billy Nolen: I know…”

Nancy Allen plays Chris, and she appears nude in the film’s shower scenes, a very erotic underpinning to the film…

She worked later with DePalma on “Dressed To Kill” and “Blow Out”, and was married to the Director as well!

Carrie-best horror film

Piper Laurie was Oscar-noiminated as Carrie’s crazy, religious Mom…in a virtuoso performance that was central to the film’s success…


“Carrie” is a masterpiece, and brilliantly directed by a master filmmaker – check out all of the special editions DVD’s and Blu-rays that delve into much more great behind-the-scenes trivia about the making of the film…Sissy Spacek made this film just 4 years after her big screen debut:

Sissy Spacek had a very revealing debut in the “B” movie crime classic “Prime Cut” – click here to see the film’s trailer:

I mentioned that “Carrie” is my second favorite horror film – and here is the first:

Yep, Linda Blair can’t wait to have you join her in the bedroom for the shocking classic “The Exorcist” – and the Actress turned heads again with this provocative photo shoot:

See more of her great cult career by clicking here:

All month long, I’ve focused on “Cult Horror Queens” from the 60’s until modern day – and it all began on day one with a chainsaw:

“Shocktober” is never complete without 80’s Scream Queen Linnea Quigley – who also starred in Blair’s “Savage Streets” – click here to see the other films that made her a star:

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  1. Carrie is a classic indeed, and a great adaptation of the novel too.
    But the recent remake is best avoided. Just awful.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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