It’s “White Mama” Margaret Markov! This Cult Actress Fought With “Black Mama” Pam Grier!

Meet “White Mama” Margaret Markov!

I love celebrating the careers of “Cult Movie Queens” who left us great exploitation films to enjoy – and Margaret Markov fits that to a tee!

Markov had roles in several mainstream films in the late 60’s before she burst out into the spotlight thanks to the “wild wild” days of “anything goes” ’70’s exploitation!

She was in the 1969 outlaw biker film “Run, Angel, Run” and the 1972 women in prison classic “The Hot Box” co-written by Jonathan Demme.

She also appeared in the dark sex comedy / murder mystery “Pretty Maids All in a Row” in 1971 with Rock Hudson, directed by Roger Vadim.

But Markov’s cult “sex kitten” status was cemented when she starred opposite Pam Grier in two films: the 1972 classic “Black Mama, White Mama” and 1974’s “The Arena”!

Pam Grier nude scenes

Ready For Jail?

Markov’s first film with Grier involved lots of action, violence, catfights – AND SHOWERS!

Time to celebrate the legendary “women in prison” genre!

Black Mama White Mama movie

“Some jive-ass revolution don’t mean shit to me!”

That’s just a hint of the great dialogue from this exploitation classic:

Black Mama White Mama

I love any film that calls itself “Black Mama White Mama!” Here is the plot: a radical revolutionary teams up with a “kept” woman when they find themselves shackled together in prison…check out the trailer:

best blaxploitation

The chained sex kittens Grier and Markov give it their all in the movie, which is one of the best “women in prison” films of the 70’s…

Yes, the movie is FULL of shower scenes…and after the shower, they are shackled again and taken to another prison – and of course they get away and bicker while staying ahead of the incompetent cops…

best Pam Grier nude scenes

This is dialogue between two of those incompetent Guards right after their hound dogs have been stolen:

Guard #1: “How are we gonna find them now?”
Guard #2: “Well, asshole, why don’t you get down on all fours and we’ll follow you!”

Pam Grier nude scenes

The key to the success of the “women in prison” genre was to NEVER have them free for too long – because in prison, they make you shower naked all the time!

The film also sold itself on the ongoing “catfights” between Markov and Grier, and there are plenty of those as well:

After the success of this classic exploitation gem, Markov and Greier reunited in “The Arena”!

“The Arena” was also known as “Naked Warriors”, and for good reason!

In ancient Rome audiences have grown tired of viewing gladiators fight to the death. Something new is needed–women!

Check out this classic example of an exploitation movie trailer!

As you can see, even in ancient Rome they took plenty of outdoor showers!

Pam Grier naked

As you can see from this international poster, they highlighted just one of the many “naked shower” scenes…

Markov was having a great run of exploitation movies, but during the filming of “The Arena”, she met Producer Mark Damon – they later married and she retired!

Markov was in some great films, but when she teams up with Grier, exploitation magic happened!

best blaxploitation films

Of course, Grier went on to become of of the greatest “Blaxploitation” film stars of all time…and she is just as popular and active today!

Read about all of her classic 70’s movies here:

Female Empowerment Indeed! “Foxy Brown”! “Cleopatra Jones”! Blaxploitation’s Kick-Ass Women!

As “Black Mama, White Mama” showed, there were no shortages of showers in these 70’s films:

“Bare Behind Bares” was, to me, the wildest of them all – click here to see the trailer and lots of wild photos as well!

All of these movies were filmed in the Philippines, where filming – and life- were cheap!

This terrific documentary takes you back to those “anything goes” days of filmmaking…

Click here to see more about this crazy time in cult cinema!

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  1. Well researched, illustrated and curated. Kudos!

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  2. Female prisoners in films were always so clean! 🙂
    Great stuff, John. Pam is ALWAYS worth watching.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Is it wrong to prefer Margaret Markov?



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