Cult British Actress Virginia Wetherell! From Boris Karloff To “Clockwork Orange!”

Let’s Celebrate Cult British Actress Virginia Wetherell!

I’m always looking to spotlight some of the cult cinema’s best films and performers…and I came across Virginia Wetherell, who was in one of the greatest films of all time, and also starred in some great cult films as well!

The Controversial Stanley Kubrick Masterpiece “A Clockwork Orange!”

Wetherell’s biggest film was the classic Kubrick film that looked at a futuristic society where thugs ran free…

Virginia was one of the girls in the record store that Malcom McDowell meets and then takes home, resulting in a scene that originally caused the film to be rated “X”.

At the end of the film, Wetherell returns as the model who is sent in to entice McDowell, to show how his “treatment” has rendered him harmless…

A disturbing, provocative film that is rightly one of the greatest of all time….but Wetherell was in a number of other fun cult hits as well…

Wetherell starred in “The Crimson Cult” with Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee and Barbara Steele…a cult 1968 gem!

Check out the trailer:

Of course, Barbara Steele was one of the great “Cult Horror Queens” of the 60’s and 70’s…click here to see some of her best movies and most revealing photos:

Wetherell had a very revealing role in the seedy drama “The Big Switch” from 1968 as well…

Here’s the lot: Playboy John Carter picks up a woman in a discotheque and takes her home. When she is murdered and he is framed for the crime, he finds himself drawn into a seedy underworld plot.

As you can see, Wetherell was very photogenic…

The Actress also starred in “Demons of the Mind” and “Disciple of Death” but it was the cult movie “Dr. Jekyll And Sister Hyde” that changed her life forever!

First, look at that poster! I love these classic movie posters of the era…a shocking take on a classic story…

Ralph Bates starred as Dr. Jeckyll, and while he may have killed Virginia in the movie, in real life something else was underway…

Virginia met Bates on the set of the film, they fell in love, got married and Wetherell retired from film!

While she had a short run in film, Virginia left us with some great performances in classic cult cinema!

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  1. I have seen those films, and also recall Bates marrying ‘an actress’. But I never knew her name. 🙂
    Thanks for another great tribute, John.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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