Controversial Sex Kitten Susan George! From “Straw Dogs” To “Dirty Mary” And “Mandingo”!

Meet Susan George!

Fans of cult cinema already know this terrific Actress, Producer and Arabian horse breeder – yes, horse breeder!

Susan George is a woman of many talents, but it’s her notorious films of the 70’s that we are going to focus on here…

The Actress has starred alongside some great Hollywood names – in both action comedy as well as thrillers and a very controversial drama – opposite Charles Bronson!


Yes, Susan and Charles Bronson starred in this film from 1969 – with a very controversial subject matter.

A 38-year-old writer of pornographic novels meets and falls in love with a sixteen-year-old school girl in London. Here is the trailer:

Interestingly, Woody Allen made “Manhattan” in 1979, about a middle-aged man having a relationship with a 17-year old high school student. Hard to imagine that sort of film being made today…

Here’s some interesting trivia: “Twinky” was directed by Richard Donner, who went on to make “The Omen” and “Superman” with Christopher Reeve!

But it was this film that catapulted her to stardom – and even more controversy!

George went on to star in “Straw Dogs” in 1971 – a revenge thriller with a very controversial scene involving the Actress:

It’s one of cinema’s most controversial scenes. Several Film Critics called it obscene, and the film was briefly rated “X” for its brutality.

First, here is the trailer for “Straw Dogs”:

Dustin Hoffman stars as a bookish US teacher whose new wife, played by Susan George, convinces him to move back to her small hometown in England…where she seems to enjoy teasing her former schoolmates as they repair their house…

By far the most controversial scene in the film occurs when George is raped by a former lover…

The film was directed by Sam Peckinpah – and the rape scene was widely criticized at the time for suggesting George’s character enjoyed the act of violence.

It continues to be one of the most polarizing scenes in movie history. George herself has said that she was NOT a willing participant in the rape – as some critics charged.

“Straw Dogs” ends with an extended sequence involving Hoffman and George fighting off the local thugs – it was one of the most shockingly violent endings of any film to that time as was also very controversial…

When asked in a 2013 interview about working with Hoffman and director Sam Peckinpah, George said:

“I had a love-hate relationship with Sam, but he was a brilliant director and a genius of his time. Dustin was a generous actor to work with, who could be intense at times, but had a great personality and an incredibly mischievous sense of humour. Making the film was a fantastic experience and one that I cherish to this day.”

Sam Peckinpah was the Director of such great movies as “The Wild Bunch”, “The Getaway” and “Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid”.

That same year, Susan starred in the thriller “Die Screaming, Marianne” – but it was a short time later that she had her biggest success opposite Peter Fonda…

Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry!

This is, without a doubt, one of the best car chase movies of the 70’s – an action-filled romp across America’s back roads – here is the trailer:

This was the perfect drive-in movie: lots of action sequences, car chases and Susan George having a great time as “Dirty Mary”…

“Dirty Mary Crazy Larry” was a huge hit, and gave George her biggest exposure in the US – and she seemed to love the attention…

As you can see, she was being sold as a sex kitten in these films, and it was her next performance that was perhaps her most notorious of all!


1975 saw the release of perhaps her most outrageous film, because it was one of the wildest, most racist films of all time!

“Mandingo” is everything you think it is and more – George plays the daughter of a Plantation owner in the deep south who has a fling with one of his slaves – boxer Ken Norton!

Here is the trailer:

There are elements of this film in Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained”, but I don’t think a film like this one would ever be made today!

Susan’s film appearances slowed down in the 80’s, and here is a shot of Susan at a film event from 2007:

Susan George made a number of great films, a few that continue to be controversial to this day – bravo Susan!

George wasn’t the only “British Sex Kitten” from the 70’s getting a lot of attention…

Fiona Richmond loved the controversy that swirled around her – she even wrote books about her notoriety!

Click here to see much more of Fiona!

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  1. ‘Twinky’ seems so dated now. I was 17 when I saw that film, and recall the fuss about it then.
    I never liked Straw Dogs. I thought it was just unpleasant, and plain ‘nasty’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Lovely woman.

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  3. Lovely resume: she was – and remains – so gorgeous= again, fanx 4 another of these.

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