“Country Lovin'”! Hillbilly Brides! Missing Teeth And Rene Bond! “Hicksploitation” Lives!

Are You Missing Some Good Old Fashioned “Hillbilly” Cinema?

Well, who isn’t? If you’re not familiar with the “hicksploitation” genre, it has a rich past – with other classic “hillbilly” movies like this one, offered up:

In “Flaming” Hillbilly Color!


Child Brides In The Ozarks!

OK, as you can see this is one crazy genre of film!

DON’T WORRY, the “child brides” are clearly of legal age – but in the early days of exploitation, this was racy stuff! Here are some classic examples of “hicksploitation!”

Louisiana Hussy sex movie

Moonshine Mountain

Welcome To The Wacky World Of Hicksploitation Cinema!

Look at that poster…classic 60’s “tease”!

So what is “Hicksploitaiton” exactly! Well, I love this definition!

“A genre of exploitation film relying on stereotypical depictions of rural whites of the American South and Appalachia”!

And so it does!

In an era when “Deliverance” made everyone afraid to go in the woods down south, these movies exploited a sub-culture full of “gorgeous girls that set the Ozarks on fire!”

Let’s look at this classic poster again:


“See How They Live! See How They Love!”

Well, I just might take you up on that! How can you misunderstand the intent of this movie? Take a look at the trailer:

And it’s in “Flaming Hillbilly Color!”

“Flaming Hillbilly Color!” What’s NOT to love? In an era of “Hillbilly Handfishing” and “Honey Boo Boo’s family situation, there seems to be a Hillbilly revival!

Here are some more classics from that era:

country_cuzzins hicksploitation

“Country Cuzzins!” A VERY Close Family!

No way to misunderstand what they are saying here – just look at the poster!

More importantly, the film stars one of my favorite “adult” Actresses: Rene Bond!

Bond was one of the few Actresses of that era who managed to work in “R” rated films as well as more adult fare like this:

Rene Bond was mesmerizing on screen. She had a tragic end, which I wrote about – click here to see more films and pics of this legendary Adult Star:


There’s a strong “Farmer’s Daughter” vibe going through all of these films: the innocent farm girl who is ready to be “tainted” by a big city feller!

Sassy Sue

Sassy Sue!

See what I mean? Come on down to the farm for some fun! Producer Harry Novak was a legend for his lowest-common denominator approach to film making, which resulted in movies like these playing in drive-in theaters all over the country to an audience of very “excitable” teen boys!

And guess what? Another legendary “adult” Star was “Sassy Sue!”

That’s right, “Sassy Sue” was Sharon Kelly!

Click here for more revealing photos of this legendary performer!


And if Sue wasn’t “Sassy” enough, then it’s time to meet “The Pigkeepers Daughter!”

The Pigkeeper's Daughter Sex movie

She Brought A New Meaning To The Phrase “Driving A Hard Bargain!”

I find these movie posters fascinating – see how lewd they are, with obvious come ons and double entendres – literally anything they could think of is included – these films played drive-ins all across the country – again, for teenage boys willing to part with their allowance for a chance to glimpse a naked girl!

Here is the trailer for “The Pigkeepers Daughter!”

This genre of “sexploitation” has been captured for us to enjoy forever thanks to the great work by SomethingWeird Video, which lovingly restores and releases these movies to a nation eager to “head down south!”

Here are some other funny looking titles that jumped on the “hicksploitation” bandwagon:

Six Pack Annie

Gator Bait

“Gator Bait” Indeed!

One of the genre’s most popular entries was “Gator Bait!” Claudia Jennings starred in this classic hicksploitaiton film – Jennings was Playboy Magazine’s Playmate Of The Year in 1970, and she parlayed that into an acting career, including “Gator Bait” – shot in ten days!

Check out the trailer!

In general, you needed scantily-clad women who could kick ass! And there were plenty of films that could offer that up, like this one, also starring Jennings!

truck_stop_women sexploitation

Jennings was a great Actress who also met a tragic end – you can read her story here:


The 60’s and 70’s were a time of great change in cinema: restrictions on what could be shown were changing, and eager movie Producers took advantage of whatever genre of film was popular at the time, which is how you got movies like this!


Yes, when haunted houses were the rage, why not throw in a few hillbillies? Hilarious, and hilariously BAD!

And it wasn’t all naked women: there was a decade full of “good ‘ol boy” action films as well, with many starring Burt Reynolds!

white lightning

Check out some of his classics of the genre by clicking on my story here:


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Let me know what you think of “hicksploitation!”

Creature from teh Hillbilly Lagoon

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  1. I have yet to see any Hillbilly exploitation films, but they look like a lot of fun. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Tobacco Roody – ?


  3. Hick flicks were among the absolute best when it came to exploitation movies. The bare naked ladies in “Southern Comforts”, “Tobacco Roody”. “Sassy Sue”, “Pigkeeper’s Daughter”, and the rest made them permanent classics. They introduced us to beauties like Judy Angel, Monica Gayle, Uschi Digard, Rene Bond and many more. Who still remembers Judy Angel giving the boy at the gas pump a peek or her blonde bush or Uschi Digard attacking her husband’s farm hand in the hay loft? Maybe further proof that farm girls don’t just sit around watching the corn grow.



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