Legendary Sex Kitten Raquel Welch! Her Most Provocative Films! Candid Photos Of An Iconic Star!

Celebrating the Legendary Sex Kitten Raquel Welch!

Talk about a national treasure! Raquel Welch’s career spans comedy, drama, westerns, euro-sleaze and so much more – she is a national treasure for all the reasons I am about to share!

It all began in the 60’s – so let’s head back in time!


Enter the world of sex symbols…a world of movie trailers that boldly proclaim:

“Introducing Raquel Welch, the amazing star discovery of this, or any year!”

What a way to make your film debut – wearing THIS!

Raquel Welch

Let’s go back to an era when one of the world’s most beautiful women became the world’s biggest star – all based on a very revealing movie outfit!


Raquel Welch burst onto the movie scene in the mid-60’s with a popular movie that resulted in the most iconic pin-up poster of the 60’s…first, where is all began: she was born Jo Raquel Tejada on September 5, 1940 in Chicago, Illinois, the first of three children born to Bolivian Armando Carlos Tejada Urquizo, an aerospace engineer, and his Irish-American wife Josephine Sarah Hall.

Raquel Welch sex kitten

The Best Selling Pin-Up Of The 60’s!

This image of Raquel in the animal skin bikini, was the best-selling pin-up poster of the 60’s, and turned her into an international sex kitten – a picture that was taken on the set of her first movie, the smash hit “One Million Years B.C.”

One Million Years BC

One Million Years B.C.

The movie was the perfect vehicle for Welch – a story of life in prehistoric times, when there was little dialogue and fewer clothes…

Narrator: This is a story of long, long ago; when the world was just beginning.

I LOVE when the trailer proclaims, “Introducing Raquel Welch, the amazing star discovery of this, or any year!” Check it out:

And it included such memorable dialogue between Raquel and her co-star:

Loana: [pointing to Ahot] Ahot.
Ahot: [pointing to himself] Ahot.
Tumak: Ahot.
Loana: [pointing to Ahot] Ahot.
[pointing to herself]
Loana: Loana.

onemillionyearsbc raquel welch

Loana: Nnn?
Tumak: [misunderstanding] Ahot.
Loana: [pointing to Ahot] Ahot.
[pointing to herself]
Loana: Loana.
[pointing to Tumak]
Tumak: Tumak.

Raquel Welch sex kitten

Yes, this is dialogue from the movie. But it didn’t matter, as it catapulted Raquel to stardom, and she followed up with a wide variety of roles that showcased her beauty more than her acting ability…

sex kitten raquel welch nude bikini

And of course, sexy photo shoots like this kept her popular with the guys, so naturally she teamed up with one of the biggest male action stars of the 70’s…



This is an action comedy from 1972. Police in Boston search for a mad bomber trying to extort money from the city. The cops in charge of finding this “mad bomber” are Burt Reynold, Raquel Welch and Tom Skerritt.

Check out the trailer:

According to IMDB, Raquel Welch did not like Burt Reynolds because of unsavory comments he made while they were filming “100 Rifles” together. So, in this movie Welch insisted that she not have any direct scenes with Reynolds. The closest they get is during the interrogation. Even when in the same room they never have direct eye contact!


Raquel also starred in the 1971 western “Hannie Caulder”, and as you can see, there wasn’t much of a wardrobe budget for the film!

Here is the trailer for this raw revenge thriller:

Welch is Hannie Caulder, a woman sworn to vengeance after three thugs rape her and kill her husband.

As you can see, she left little to the imagination…even when Welch was playing a Nun she looked sexy!

This was her brief role in the euro-sleaze classic “Bluebeard” starring Richard Burton…you can click here to see the trailer and more Actresses in various stages of undress:


One of Raquel’s biggest hits was also one of the most blatant:

Mother Jugs and Speed

Mother Jugs & Speed

Yes, you read the name of the movie correctly. In case you were wondering, Raquel is NOT the fast one in this movie…but she did star with Bill Cosby and Harvey Keitel..this goofy comedy had a very simple plotline: A new law says that the first ambulance that arrives at an accident obtains the contract to transport the injured person. The result is ruthless competition between several companies. Raquel showed up to look pretty and live up to the title…


Tony Malatesta: They don’t call me “Speed” for nuthin’.
Jugs: Well, let’s hope they don’t call you “Speed” for everything!

You get the idea…needless to say, they took every opportunity to highlight her role…

Welch was in a wide variety of films in the 70’s, everything from “Myra Breckinridge” to “100 Rifles” with football legend Jim Brown and “Kansas City Bomber”, where she played a roller derby babe!

Oh yes, she was a Dominatrix as well in the 1970 film “The Magic Christian” with Peter Sellers and Ringo Starr!

You can click here to see more about this black comedy!


The-Last-of-Sheila-Raquel Welch

“The Last Of Sheila!”

One of her best films is this classic murder mystery from 1974…if you haven’t seen this film, it is amazing! Raquel gets a chance to play an actress who is only appreciated for her looks – she does a terrific job in the role! See the trailer and more about the film here:


The “Never Nude” Raquel!

Even though these shots are close, Raquel has never done a nude photo shoot!

She told Piers Morgan on his Life Stories show:

“I am my father’s daughter and that’s just not the way you behave. You don’t do that if you are a certain kind of a woman and that’s the kind of woman I was raised to be.”

So this is the kind of photo shoot she did instead:

Recently, I ran into Raquel Welch at a restaurant in West Hollywood, and here is my failed attempt to sneak a shot of her…yes, that is her in the light creme colored outfit:

Raquel Welch candid

Epic fail! Bravo to Raquel for still looking gorgeous and giving us so many great cult movies – and provocative photos like these to enjoy!

Remember I just shared the story of Julie Ege, who was promoted as the “new” Raquel Welch, thanks to this cavewoman photo:

See the film they put Julie in, and other provocative films as well by clicking on my story here:


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Leave me a comment and let me know you favorite Raquel Welch movie and photo!

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12 replies

  1. The few times I’ ve met her, I was always amazed at how diminutive she is as you get the impression onscreen she’s an Amazon.

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  2. Raquel seems to be one of the few ‘sex kittens’ who got past that phase, and into mainstream films. Well done to her.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Raquel and her beauty helped to bring back movie sex kittens back to the theaters. Something i will also be grateful for. To this day, she continues my infatuation of her and it’s great that even at her age today she still has maintained her sex appeal. Wouldn’t it be great if every woman looked like her?



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